Three Amazing Antarctica Expedition Itineraries in 2021

Being able to visit far-off and unusual locations is one of the most unique things a cruise can offer. After all, it’s not so easy to just book a flight to the North or South Pole. Cruises, on the other hand, can not only get you there, but they can also guide you through the whole experience, showing you wildlife and locations that will blow your mind. With that said, you should definitely be considering an Antarctic cruise in your future. 2020 may be a bit too early to head there, but 2021 should be perfect. Oh, and you can book now, by the way.

Antarctica and the Ross Sea Expedition from Crystal Cruises

Crystal should be one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of cruises to Antarctica. The luxury cruise line definitely does more than polar expeditions (including both ocean and river cruises), but they have some pretty amazing polar itineraries. Case in point: the Antarctica and the Ross Sea Expedition. This is a 22-day voyage in February 2021 that takes you past glaciers, icebergs, and what Crystal refers to as “the largest penguin colony on Earth.” Uh, sign us up! It embarks from New Zealand on Jan 28, and you’ll cross the Antarctic Circle and visit a number of locations and different islands over 22 days. It’s aboard the Crystal Endeavor, a beautiful luxury ship that only fits 200 people, so start looking into booking now if you’re interested.

Argentina and Antarctica Cruise from Celebrity Cruises

If you’re gonna go see Antarctica, why not see Argentina as well? This one departs from Buenos Aires and visits Ushuaia in Argentina, Cape Horn in Chile, Paradise Bay in Antarctica (expect some penguins here), Elephant Island and more. Show up a few days early and hang around Buenos Aires if you’ve got the time. It’s a pretty action packed itinerary that lasts 14 days. It’s also not too expensive, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. We also love how many different options for suites and other customizations Celebrity offers, so if that matters to you, definitely lock this one in. It has three different departure dates, all in January.

Antarctica from Buenos Aires from Norwegian

You don’t need to book with a luxury line to get an Antarctic experience, and Norwegian Cruise Lines proves that with this itinerary. It’s the cheapest on this list, but you’ll get the same mind-blowing polar experience that you’re looking for. It hits some of the same spots as the Celebrity trip, which includes the Falkland Islands. It lasts 13 days and departs on January 16.

If you’ve dreamed of visiting Antarctica and watching some penguins play on the ice, consider making that a reality in 2021!

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