Three Amazing River Cruise Itineraries in 2020

Look, folks, it’s 2020: cruises aren’t just for the ocean anymore! While most people who are truly into cruises know about the awesome experiences river cruises can offer, a lot of travelers around the world still think cruises are only ocean adventures to the Caribbean. There’s nothing wrong with these trips, but there’s so much more out there! River cruises offer you the ability to travel to types of places that ocean cruises could never take you to. They also put an emphasis on getting out and exploring, meaning you are even more hands-on. If you’re looking to take a river cruise this year, or just want to get a little inspired, check out these three itineraries we think can’t be missed.

Uniworld’s Gems of Northern Italy

Italy is a region of the world with jaw-dropping history, cities and culture: what better way to experience it than through a ten-day guided trip? Uniworld’s Gems of Northern Italy does just this. After leaving Milan, you’ll hit Burano, Mazzorbo and Torcello before arriving in Chioggia, a coastal town of around 50,000 people. It’s like a small version of Venice, complete with canals, Medieval churches and lots of history. You’ll also see Bologna, Padua (think Galileo) and Ferrera and Verona (think ROMEO AND JULIET, for crying out loud!). The itinerary is chock-full of art and architecture, and you’ll get to experience all these different spots in Italy by foot. Even though you’ll finish in Venice, you’ll see plenty of lesser-known places along the way, something that we find really cool. Getting to visit a fishing village’s bustling marketplace will definitely get you in an Italian mood!

Viking’s Pharaohs and Pyramids

Getting to see any part of Egypt is definitely an exciting experience; getting to do so over 12 days accompanied by Egyptologists (a real term!) is even better. Viking offers this itinerary throughout 2020 and 2021, though spots are filling up fast. You start and end in Cairo, but along the way see Luxor, Qena, Esna, Aswan and Edfu. Some of the highlights include the Temple of Horus, one of the best preserved temples in Egypt, a trip to Aswan’s busy market, and a visit to a gallery displaying artifacts associated with King Tut. One of the coolest parts about this cruise is that has a ton of different options on what to do for all 12 days. Also, being able to see sand dunes and forest meet at the banks of the Nile sounds pretty darn nice. And that’s every day!

Viking’s Tulips and Windmills

Here’s one for the romantic travelers out there. It lasts ten days, has eight guided tours and takes you across the Netherlands and Belgium. On one day, you might be shucking oysters or checking out irrigation systems in Zeeland; on another, you’ll get a guided tour of a working windmill in Kinderdijk to see how it prevents flooding. Tulip cruises in the spring time around this area are known for being incredibly beautiful, making all the activities and other sights almost secondary to the natural beauty around you. Going from a guided art tour into a solo bike ride to a flower shop is what you can expect with an itinerary like this. In other words, you can expect something amazing.

If you’re feeling like you need to get on one of these cruises, head to Uniworld’s or Viking’s website to plan your dream trip!

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