Three Crazy Cruise Destinations You Have to See To Believe

Every year, millions of travelers take trips to the most popular cruise destinations around. But there’s a whole world to explore out there outside of those spots! We love Caribbean beaches as much as everyone else, but we also acknowledge that there are some seriously crazy cruise locations that deserve to be put in the spotlight. From flowing lava to ancient structures, here are three cruise destinations you’ll need to see to believe.


Iceland is one of those places that doesn’t sound all that unique until you actually visit. The interesting part about this island nation is its incredible variety of environments. You can see glowing lava, massive glaciers, pristine green fields, and towering waterfalls… all in the same day. And that’s not even touching upon the gentle fjords, the unique wildlife, or the quiet small towns that dot the coastline. Oh, and let’s not forget that Iceland is a prime spot to see the Northern Lights if you visit at the right time. A cruise to Iceland will totally change your perception of the country, and you’ll see things that will make you guess whether you’re dreaming or not. A cruise will let you jump across the country and visit all of the best spots.


Unlike the Caribbean or Hawaii, it’s relatively rare for a cruise line to have itineraries to Madagascar. But if you’re someone that enjoys traveling off of the beaten path, that should be a reason to get excited. Madagascar feels totally removed from anywhere else, and the areas you can visit are pristine. Animal lovers will be overjoyed to look for chameleons and lemurs, and those who are just looking for a bit of relaxation can get exactly that on the beaches of Madagascar. As a bonus, many Madagascar cruises also visit the islands off the coast of the country, many of which are just as interesting as the mainland itself.

Sir Bani Yas

Plenty of travelers have visited the United Arab Emirates, but few can say they went to the unbelievable island of Sir Bani Yas. Located about one hundred miles south of Abu Dhabi, Sir Bani Yas is a paradise for wildlife connoisseurs. It was established as a nature reserve in the 70s, and it has since been expanded to also be a bird sanctuary. Giraffes, ostriches, Arabian oryxes, and more all coexist on the island, and visitors will get a great opportunity to watch them while they hike, bike, and explore. The Arabian oryx is particularly exciting, as it is a species that used to be extinct in the wild.

Are these locations giving you a healthy dose of wanderlust? If so, it might be time to start looking at booking your own unique adventure.

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