Three Great Cruise Itineraries for Hikers

Cruises are a great way to see the world. But they are also an excellent way to get to places for adventures. If you’re someone who likes to really get out and hit the trails while on vacation, here are three itineraries that would be perfect for you.

Hawaii from Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA – Carnival

Most travelers think of Hawaii as one of the most relaxing spots you can go on a trip to. That’s definitely true, but it has lots to offer for those who like to be more active. Maui in particular is considered to be one of the best ports in the world for cruise travelers that love to hike, so any Hawaiian itinerary that hits that island should be high up on your list. This particular cruise lasts for 15 days and has a bunch of different departure dates. The mix of different locations that are on the itinerary will allow you to hike in a variety of different locations. You can even just get some sun on some beautiful beaches on your rest days! All the details are over here.

21-Day Spitsbergen and Icelandic Fjords Explorer – Holland America

Here’s a really special one for the people that are looking for an icy three-week long adventure in the northern reaches of our planet. Beginning from the Netherlands, this trip quickly heads to Norway – a place famous for hiking in its own right – before visiting scenic Spitsbergen. Spitsbergen offers you the opportunity to view some incredible wildlife while out on a trek. You might even see a polar bear (from a distance… hopefully). You’ll visit Iceland near the end of the trip, and great hikes hide around every corner there. Many hikes in Iceland are short but ridiculously beautiful. Massive waterfalls and glaciers dot the small country. You can take a closer look at this itinerary here.

Argentina and Patagonia Holiday – Celebrity

There’s a reason why everyone knows about the beauty of Patagonia – even the people who have never been there. They named an entire clothing brand after it, for goodness’ sake! This itinerary allows you to spend two days in the region, and the hiking opportunities are truly out of this world there. You’ll also get to visit a variety of other great South American ports: Puerto Madryn in Argentina and Montevideo and Uruguay aren’t to be missed. This particular itinerary lasts for 12 days and will run you about $2000, which is honestly a nice price for a cruise to Patagonia. You can check it out here.

What do you think? Are these cruises calling your name? It might be time to lace up your hiking boots and book yourself an adventure!

Three Great Cruise Itineraries for Hikers
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Three Great Cruise Itineraries for Hikers
Cruises are a great way to see the world. But they are also an excellent way to get to places for adventures.

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