Three Items That Travelers Regret Not Packing for Cruises

Packing for a cruise can be tricky. You want to keep things light and organized, but you also need to be ready for everything. Where should you draw the line? Is three bathing suits enough? Is it too much? How many kinds of sunscreen should you bring? And, to make things more complicated, those are just the questions about the obvious items. There are a myriad of important things that travelers forget time and time again to bring on their cruises. If you’re the forgetful type (or someone who just likes to be as prepared as possible), listen up. Here are three items that cruise travelers often regret leaving at home.

Power strip

Electronics rule the world these days. Cruises know this, and they often give you plenty of outlets so that you can charge up all your various pieces of technology. But if you’re travelling as a family, these outlets may not be sufficient. The same can be true if you’re someone who likes to have multiple things plugged in at once. To that end, we strongly suggest bringing along a power strip. Many people forget this at home and then feel saddened when their charging options are limited.

Sunburn relief

Sunscreen is key to having a good trip, but very few people leave that behind. That’s typically one of the first things we throw in our bag when we start packing. But we have forgotten some form of sunburn relief more times than we can count. Whether you prefer aloe vera or something else, you need to have something with you to cool down your skin if you happen to get burned. And yes, you still run the risk of getting too much sun even if you have sunblock. Trust us: you don’t wanna be caught without something to ease the pain.

Towel clips

We’ve all heard of chip clips, but towel clips are another kind of clip that you should be familiar with. They aren’t often on most people’s packing lists, but they should be. These tiny clips take up hardly any space, but they ensure that your towel doesn’t fly away from you. This is handy on the beach, but it’s even more critical when you’re catching some sun on the deck of the ship. There’s nothing sadder than just watching your towel glide away after being caught in a particularly strong ocean draft.

These three items are important, but there’s an endless list of items that would be worth double checking for before you leave on a cruise. Always pack a thorough list before hopping on a ship. And make sure to check it twice!

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