Un-Cruise Alaskan Adventures: Small Ship Sailing with Big Discoveries

Thinking about taking a voyage to Alaska? Uncover the beauty and mysteries of the land with an Un-Cruise Adventure? What’s an Un-Cruise Adventure? It’s an experience far removed from your ordinary cruise. It’s a small-ship sailing vacation where you’ll meet unconventional people, wildlife, terrain, and activities for a journey to remember.

Why an Alaskan Un-Cruise Adventure?

Uncover the far-from-normal in Alaska when you sail with Un-Cruise Adventures. View spectacular wilderness in a new and unique light, aboard small and uncrowded vessels and at an unrushed pace.

Find the unbelievable with an Un-Cruise adventure, as you enjoy more variety than typical big cruise ships offer and more intimacy. Each Un-Cruise cruise ship holds just 22-84 guests and it’s perfect for unexpected encounters. Visit Glacier Bay National Park and similar spectacular terrain, and witness majestic fjords and more at nearly your complete leisure.

Linger as you see brown bears, black bears, and polar bears roaming the frozen tundra and taking plunges in the icy waters. Gaze for hours at sea birds and spend the afternoon spying humpback whales. Expedition guide teams are available to take you on an unforgettable trip during your Un-Cruise, or you can have an unbridled time on your own.

Unparalleled Service and Exclusivity

Sailing to Alaska with Un-Cruise Adventures means that you’ll have uncompromised dedication from staff members as well as personalized service. The licensed and certified crew has decades of cruise experience, and they’re trained to help you leave no trace behind as you enjoy your unbelievable adventure.

Unique itineraries let you go on explorations that most other cruise line don’t offer. Off-the-beaten-path treks with Un-Cruise Adventures give you a glimpse of unspoiled lands that are insightful and unmatched.

To view the Alaskan itineraries available through Un-Cruise Adventures, and to learn more about the small ships you can sail on, visit the Un-Cruise Adventures website.

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