Valentine’s Day Cruises in Baltimore

Like many of the large cities on the northern end of the East Coast, Baltimore has Valentine’s Day cruises (and also day-before-Valentine’s-Day cruises). The range of choices isn’t especially broad, and they are all offered by the same company – Spirit Cruises, which is owned by Entertainment Cruises – but there are good possibilities just the same. Below we have outlined all of the Valentine’s Day cruises in Baltimore in one convenient guide.

Baltimore is one of the eight cities in which Spirit Cruises, one of the largest providers of dining cruises in the United States, operates. In many of these cities, Spirit only sails one ship, but the company has dedicated two to Baltimore: Spirit of Baltimore and Inner City Spirit. (Entertainment Cruises actually has three ships in Baltimore if you count the boat of another company they own, Seadog, but Seadog offers speedboat tours, not dining cruises.) To our understanding, Spirit of Baltimore is generally used for dining cruises, whereas Inner City Spirit serves more of a sightseeing role in its day-to-day operations, but evidently dining is possible on both ships because each offers a Valentine’s Day dinner on board.

Or in the case of Spirit of Baltimore, there are actually two dinners – one on February 13th and one on February 14th – and there is a lunch cruise on the 14th as well. The dinner on the 14th is the most expensive option, costing $109.90 per person. The dinner on the 13th costs $71.90 per person, and it can be furthered discounted if you book online and use the promo code displayed on their site, and the lunch costs $49.90 per person. The Inner City Spirit has only one dinner cruise on the 14th, and it is the same price as the Spirit of Baltimore’s ($109.90 per person). All the dinner cruises last three hours, and the two on the Spirit of Baltimore are from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. Inner City Spirit runs an hour earlier, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. The lunch cruise is an hour shorter and runs from noon to 2:00 PM. Regardless of when the cruise leaves, though, you should be prepared to board a half hour before departure. As for the meals themselves, they are all served buffet-style, although the lunch and dinner menus differ fairly substantially.

That covers all the Valentine’s Day cruises in Baltimore, and although there are only four total choices, these choices actually give you a fairly broad range of options. You can eat dinner on the 13th or lunch on the 14th if the evening of Valentine’s Day doesn’t work, and you also have an earlier and later option for Valentine’s Day dinner. Details for each cruise can found on the Spirit Cruises website for Baltimore, and if you are interested in other cruise-related ideas for Valentine’s Day, check out our article on Valentine’s Day cruises.

Valentine's Day dinner cruises

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