Valentine's Day dinner cruises

Valentine’s Day Cruises in San Francisco

San Francisco is a good place to spend Valentine’s Day, and on the San Francisco Bay is an even better place to spend Valentine’s Day. Most of the Valentine’s Day cruises in San Francisco involve having a meal on the water, and these are the cruises we will focus on since they are the most centered on celebrating the holiday itself, but we will touch on a couple of other possibilities as well. Regardless of how you want to incorporate San Francisco Bay into your romantic weekend, there should be something that appeals to you.

As we explained in a recent, more general article, Valentine’s Day cruises are primarily centered on having a meal, almost always dinner, on the water. Most of these cruises are therefore more precisely categorized as Valentine’s Day dinner cruises, although there are also a few scattered Valentine’s Day brunch cruises. This breakdown of available cruises on Valentine’s Day can also be applied to San Francisco.

In San Francisco, Valentine’s Day cruises are dominated by one company, Hornblower. (This company operates out of multiple states, and indeed even offers Valentine’s Day cruises in other places like New York, so make sure you find your way to the San Francisco page of the website.) Hornblower offers several cruises for Valentine’s Day weekend, starting on the 13th with a dinner cruise and ending on the 15th with a brunch cruise. Most of the cruises are on February 14th, however, when the company has four separate dinner cruises, two of which leave from the East Bay (from the Doubletree Marina in Berkeley, more precisely), as opposed to Pier 3, where the rest of the cruises depart from. From each departure point, there is a cruise that features a buffet and a cruise that features a seated, four-course dinner. The cruises vary in price from $74 per person (for the brunch cruises) to $168 per person (for Aphrodite’s Premier Valentine’s Cruise, the sailing that features the four-course meal that departs from Pier 3).

In addition to these meal-centered cruises, there is at least one other cruise that specially advertises a “Valentine’s Day cruise.” This cruise, called the “The Bay Lights Sail,” is offered by Bay Adventures from 8:00 to 10:00 PM on February 14th. It departs from Sausalito, which incidentally has some nice restaurants where you could get an early dinner before setting sail. The cruise is simply designed to allow couples to check out the San Francisco night skyline in the romantic context of Valentine’s Day. There are also companies that continue business as usual during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, like the California Twilight Cruise offered by Red and White Fleet, which is basically a sightseeing cruise, and we suppose one of these sailings might be called a “Valentine’s Day cruise” if you take it in recognition of the holiday.

So, there are several different types of cruises you might take in San Francisco to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some are fancy dinner cruises featuring nice dinners and champagne, whereas others are normal cruises that are offered year round, but might still be called “Valentine’s Day cruises” if you decide to declare them as such. If you are looking for other ideas, check out our general article on Valentine’s Day cruises.

Valentine's Day Cruises in San Francisco
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Valentine's Day Cruises in San Francisco
San Francisco is a good place to spend Valentine's Day, and San Francisco Bay is an even better place to spend Valentine's Day.

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