Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruises in New York City

There are no doubt many things to do in New York City on Valentine’s Day. The city is loaded with first-rate restaurants and world-class entertainment opportunities, so a night could take any number of directions and still live up to the high romantic standards of Valentine’s Day. However, one of the more distinctive possibilities we have seen in NYC is a Valentine’s Day dinner cruise. These cruises are offered all over the world on Valentine’s Day, but there seems to be a particularly high concentration in New York City, and NYC also happens to be an especially good place to take a dinner cruise. We have collected details about the Valentine’s Day dinner cruises in NYC, and below we have organized them into a guide for easy reference.

Before discussing specific cruise options, there are a few general points to keep in mind as you go about searching for a cruise. First, although multiple companies offer dinner cruises in NYC on Valentine’s Day, the precise offerings aren’t terribly different. The cruises themselves last a few hours (almost always 7:00 to 10:00 PM), and the dining experience, featuring multiple courses of high-end cuisine and a sparkling wine toast, will be fairly elaborate. As you dine, you’ll float around the New York Harbor, taking in excellent views of the night skyline. Not surprisingly, these dinner cruises are fairly expensive; almost all of them are over $100 per person, and if you end up getting special packages or add-ons, the price can climb much higher. A Valentine’s Day dinner always tends to cost more than your average night out, and this is especially true when the Valentine’s Day dinner takes place on a boat circling around the New York Harbor.

There appear to be five companies that offer Valentine’s Day cruises in NYC: Bateaux New York, Spirit Cruises, World Yacht, Hornblower, and Skyline Princess Cruises. On each of these sites, you can review the available options and book directly online. Hornblower and Skyline Princess appear to have only one Valentine’s Day dinner cruise on February 14th, and the other companies have multiple “Valentine’s Day cruises,” even though many of them don’t take place on Valentine’s Day. World Yacht offers Valentine’s cruises on February 15th and 16th, Spirit Cruises offers them on the 13th, and Bateaux New York offers them on the 13th and 15th. Bateaux New York and Spirit Cruises, which are both owned by Entertainment Cruises, also offer multiple cruises on Valentine’s Day itself, not just the one evening cruise. In addition to this evening cruise, Bateaux New York has an early dinner cruise, and Spirit Cruises has a lunch and early dinner cruise.

So, there are a number of Valentine’s Day dinner cruises from which to choose, and not all of them are even on Valentine’s Day. You therefore have some flexibility in your planning, which may be helpful if February 14th isn’t the best day given your schedule. If you are looking to take a Valentine’s Day dinner cruise, but not in NYC, you might want to check out our more general articles about Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruises and every other kind of Valentine’s Day Cruises.

Valentine's Day dinner cruises

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