Vegan River Cruises

Cruising is supposed to be fun. If you’re vegan, however, taking a cruise can be more of a challenge than a good time if traveling on traditional cruise lines. In addition to searching for suitable things to eat throughout the cruise, vegans usually can’t drink the wine on a mainstream ship and they don’t get to use the complimentary bath products in the cabins.

Vegan River Cruises knows that vegans want to have a fantastic vacation exploring the world, just like non-vegans. They identify with the vegan traveler who wants to be able to eat anything, drink whatever spirit they choose, and fully embrace their vegan lifestyle while cruising, which means offering cruelty-free products in places from the stateroom to the diningroom.

Thank goodness and thank the travel angels for Vegan River Cruises. Vegan River Cruises puts together amazing 100% vegan cruises every year that sail on gorgeous European rivers.

Vegan River Cruises hosts Easter Cruises, Summer Cruises, Yoga Cruises, New Year’s Eve Cruises, and other fabulous cruises that give vegan travelers the opportunity to spend time on a beautiful ship, stop at amazing ports of call, and enjoy an experience of a lifetime without worrying about food, drink, or much else.

Vegan River Cruises give vegan travelers a space to adventure through Europe, and on some of Europe’s most splendid rivers, while being pampered with all-vegan gourmet meals, vegan workshops, tips for vegan dining on shore, and more.

Food that Caters to Vegan Travelers

Every morsel of food you’ll find on Vegan River Cruises is animal free. And, it’s prepared with culinary mastery in mind. On a Vegan River Cruise, there’s no need to call ahead to make special requests for meals. You won’t even have to wonder if an animal ingredient accidentally made it into your dish, and you’ll always be served nourishing food that will keep you energized for a day of exploring.

Vegan River Cruises offers a full vegan buffet breakfast every morning. Lunches include regional specialties that guests absolutely love. For dinner, cruisers indulge in exquisite four and five-course vegan extravaganzas.

If you’re vegan and a wine drinker, you know how difficult it can be to find an appropriate Pinot or Chardonnay when you’re at home. Go on a cruise and it’s nearly impossible. Not on a Vegan River Cruise. Vegan River Cruises ships serve distinctive vegan wines from the best wine-producing regions in Europe. They offer excellent selections of wines that are often included with dinner for no charge.

Even libations that typically are not vegan are veganized on Vegan River Cruises. Travelers sip Pina Coladas with plant-based cream and enjoy other decadent spirits, vegan-style.

More Perks on Vegan River Cruises

In addition to savoring incredible vegan dishes, snacks, and spirits throughout the day on a Vegan River Cruise, guests receive an all-encompassing luxury cruise experience that features access to celebrity vegan speaker sessions and lectures on veganism. Travelers can attend workshops on vegan living and the environment, and they’re able to receive spa treatments with only plant-based products.

In every Vegan River Cruise cabin, you’ll find high-end, 100% plant-based personal care items like soaps, shower gels, and lotions. As an extension of a compassionate lifestyle, Vegan River Cruises offers yoga classes on the ships.

If it’s your first time visiting any of the cities that Vegan River Cruises travels to, ship staff members are happy to give you recommendations about places for vegan dining on land. They’re also able to point you in the right direction to exciting free-time activities and special points of interest.


Vegan River Cruises has an incredible fleet of ships that offer fun-filled itineraries to some of the greatest places in Europe. This past year’s Easter Cruise toured through the Netherlands and Belgium. The Summer Cruise was a Danube cruise from Vienna.

In December of 2015, Vegan River Cruises will take passengers on a Danube cruise from Passau to Budapest. After Christmas, well-fed travelers will sail from December 28th to January 3rd on the magnificent MS Scenic Crystal, which will visit Passau, Vienna, and Budapest.


MS Scenic Crystal

The MS Scenic Crystal will transport travelers on a winter wonderland adventure in December of 2015. This ship carries 171 guests and a crew of 48. It offers step-out balconies in almost every stateroom (choose from full-balcony rooms or standard ocean view staterooms with windows that don’t open). The MS Scenic Crystal measures 135 meters long, it features many relaxing public areas, and it offers a Panoramic Lounge and Bar with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow spectacular views of the passing scenery.

On Scenic Crystal, guests dine in the elegant, but comfortable, Crystal Dining Room. Or, they enjoy meals in the reservations-only Portobello’s Restaurant. Opportunities for activities are found on the outdoor Sun Deck, in the Open-Air Lounge, or in the Fitness Center.

MS Swiss Jewel

The MS Swiss Jewel will take cruisers on a romantic cruise of the Rhine in Spring of 2016. This ship accommodates 118 guests in standard or upgraded cabins. The most luxurious staterooms on the MS Swiss Jewel (there are 14 upgraded cabins) offer 300 square feet of space, roomy walk-in closets with built-in drawers, large marble baths with full-size tubs, brocade upholstery, two French balconies, and floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to gorgeous riverscapes.

Standard cabins are 150-183 square feet, have comfortable décor, feature in-room movies and minibars, offer private bathrooms, and often include French balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sailing with Vegan River Cruises is a perfect way to enjoy cruising while staying in harmony with nature and the world around you. If you live a vegan lifestyle, you’ll be able to cruise and spend your days almost like you would at home when on a Vegan River Cruise, except of course you’ll have Europe’s most blissful scenescapes at your disposal.

If you’re not vegan, you too can enjoy a wonderful cruise with Vegan River Cruises. Once you try a cruise (the food, the wine, the lifestyle, and the fabulousness of it all), you may find yourself opting for these types of cruises over all the others that are available.

Vegan River Cruises

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