Viking Cruises

One of the best ways to explore some of the most fascinating destinations in the world such as France, China or Italy is on a Viking cruise. On Viking cruises, passengers will visit at least one port a day featuring off-the-beaten path destinations that are typically inaccessible by traditional ocean cruises.

Viking cruises typically dock right in the heart of most towns which gives passengers endless opportunities to spend more time touring scenic cities instead of just traveling to the cities. Viking cruise passengers will have a front seat to the ever-changing riverside scenery as well as unlimited access to local nightlife when the ship is in port.

Not to be confused with Viking Cruise Lines (more on this later), Viking River Cruises has been featured on the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List and recognized as the “world’s best” by Travel + Leisure magazine. Viking River Cruises is the worlds largest river cruise line featuring 25 beautiful ships that feel more like an upscale hotel rather than a riverboat. With names like Burgundy, Neptune and Century Sun, Viking River Cruises are available across the globe from Russia to Rome and everywhere in between highlighting the rivers of Europe, Russia, and Ukraine, and China.

In Europe, the Rhine, Main, Moselle, Danube, Elbe, Seine and Rhône; in Russia the Volga; and in China, the Yangtze River. Viking’s deluxe ships average 150 passengers for Europe and just 186 for China.

Viking River Cruises include tours of and stops in and around small towns and villages, cosmopolitan cities, daily trips ashore, historic sites and natural wonders. In Europe & Russia, Viking River Cruises’ Old World Highlights program features folkloric entertainment, lectures and demonstrations and daily shore excursions led by well-traveled, English-speaking guides.

Offering the utmost in comfort and quality accommodations as well as all-inclusive tours, visitors can expect fine gourmet dining with regional specialties, hotel caliber beds with large picture windows in an outside, river view cabin (with private bathroom and shower) and bars & lounges as well as excellent staff and service aboard all Viking River Cruise ships.

Viking River Cruises passengers will enjoy a fully escorted vacation with English-speaking guides, fascinating guided tours and cultural highlights on all China tours.

Interested in booking a Viking River Cruise? For reservations call 1-877-66VIKING or visit You can also contact Viking River Cruises by mail by writing to: Viking River Cruises, Inc., 5700 Canoga Ave, Suite 200, Woodland Hills, California 91367. 1-818-227-1234.

Viking Cruise Lines

Viking Cruise Lines or “Viking Line” was established in 1959 when it began sailing the S/S Viking between the Finnish mainland, the Aland Islands, and Sweden. The current Viking Line Abp was established in 1963 under the name Alandsfarjan Ab, and it gained a listing on the Helinski Stock Exchange on July 5, 1995.

Viking Line has seven vessels sailing between the Finnish Mainland, Aland, and Sweden, as well as between Finland and the Baltic States. Besides passenger services, Viking Cruise Lines also offers recreation and cargo carrier services. Viking Cruise Line’s ships include: M/S Amorella, M/S Cinderella, M/S Gabriella, M/S Isabella, M/S Mariella, M/S Rosella, M/S Viking ADCC, and M/S Viking XPRS. M/S Viking ADCC is an environmentally friendly ship that will be delivered to Viking summer 2009 and M/S Viking XPRS is one of the newest vessels in the fleet that combines features of a traditional car ferry and fast catamarans. Traffic for the M/S Viking XPRS started in April 2008.

Viking Lines luxury ships sail from Finland to Sweden and Estonia each day. Passengers can expect a number of excursions to choose from such as guided tours of Helinski and Stockholm as well as historic tours of Tallnin and Turku. Cruises disembark from the Port of Helinski.

Viking Line Ports include:

City: Helsinki
Port: Katajanokka

City: Turku

The Ã…land Islands
City: Mariehamn
Port: West port

City: Stockholm
Port: Stadsgaarden

City: Tallinn
Port: Reisisadam Port

Onboard, passengers will enjoy fine cuisine, relaxing saunas, and entertainment galore. Viking Cruise Lines presents live music performances, dancing, and more!

To book Viking cruises visit the Viking Line website at or you can call +358 (0)600-41577 or Email [email protected] Viking cruises prices depend on vessel, accommodations, season, and destination. Keep in mind that there age limits do apply on Viking cruises as follows:

Turku-Stockholm Route
Departures between Sunday morning and Friday morning 18 years
Departures between Friday evening and Saturday evening 21 years

Turku-Stockholm Route
Daily 21 years

Helsinki-Tallinn Route
Minicruises between Friday evening and Saturday evening 21 years
All other cruise departures18 years

Helsinki-Stockholm and Cinderella Stockholm-Mariehamn
Daily 21 years

Parents (also stepparents), grandparents, aunts and uncles can function as guardians. Three friends of the children may accompany the family onboard.

Route Traffic
No age limits in route traffic, except Cinderella age limit 21 years on all departures. Note: Age limit 18 years also on hotel voyages to the Baltic.

The age limits mentioned above in route traffic do not apply if those under the limits people are traveling with parents or guardians, or if a written proof of a reason for traveling (e.g. visiting relatives, business trip, studies or any such acceptable reason) exists.

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