Viking Launches Viking.TV for Your Quarantine Entertainment

Are you a fan of the cruise line Viking? Of course you are! They offer excellent itineraries ranging from rivers to oceans to expeditions. Are you sitting alone in quarantine, bored out of your mind? Well, we sure hope you are, otherwise you’re getting out of the house way too much. Go sit at home and be bored! Are you looking for new and innovative ways to pass time? Probably, if you’ve been watching as much Netflix as the rest of us have been. That means that Viking has your best interests in mind with their new digital media venture, Viking.TV.

Conceived as a way of allowing the company to connect with their passengers on a more personal level, Viking.TV offers a veritable smorgasbord of different video content that ranges from looks into the lives of those who work at Viking to short clips that function as documentaries. Taken as a whole, the content on the site both replicates the exploratory nature of Viking cruises and expands upon their brand and image.

On the site, visitors will find several different categories of media. The “Our Viking Family” section introduces viewers to those who work for Viking. This means that you’ll be greeted by their Vice President, but you’ll also say hello to some of their guest lecturers, crew members and plenty of other important folk. The next section is called “Conversations with Karine and Friends,” and it operates on a weekly schedule. Each day will bring a new video in a new category: Mondays are focused on museums, Tuesdays look at history, Wednesdays are all about music, Thursday videos are made by guest speakers, Fridays are hosted by Lady Carnarvon, and the weekends are “devoted to wellness.” A lot of this content will be live-streamed, and viewers can interact with the content and ask questions. If you ever miss the videos, though, you can always watch them on the site, as they will stay uploaded.

The next section is “The Viking World,” and it ranges from lectures on history to art to literature. There’s also the “Destination Insights” section, which is particularly interesting. Each of these videos explores different spots as if you’re on a tour. There’s a lot to learn across a variety of categories, and there’s already a huge number of videos on the site. If you’re someone who’s desperately itching for some culture now that you’re stuck at home instead of on a cruise ship, this is made just for you.

While it can’t exactly replace the real thing, Viking.TV will do as a solid virtual substitute for cruises in this crazy time. There’s more than enough entertainment and enlightenment on the site now, and they promise to add more as we wait out our own quarantines. If you’re interested, go tune in over here.

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