Visit 90° North on the North Pole Summit Cruise

On July 20, 2017, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen and many other experts in the science, conservation, exploration and education fields will gather with global citizens in a North Pole Summit expedition. The 7-day ultimate journey to the north pole will feature the region’s most regarded thought leaders and it’ll offer travelers the opportunity to crush through pack ice on the nuclear-powered Russian ice breaker 50 Years of Victory.

A Meeting of the Minds Cruise and More

Not only will guests get a chance to break through polar ice on this adventure, they get to explore the top of the earth via a weather balloon and helicopter. There will be ample opportunities to view wildlife (hopefully polar bears) and more at 90° north. 50 Years of Victory is powerful enough to ram through the formidable ice pack in the Arctic with ease. As passengers voyage, they’ll make shore landings in Franz Josef Land.

View your path from up high as you ride in the helicopter and take in an aerial view that’s an experience of a lifetime. Soar above the world in your hot air balloon, and become part of the club of adventurers who have seen the top of the planet and been changed by it.

The Details

On your North Pole Summit adventure, you can expect:

Activities – Birding, hiking

Pricing – From $27,995 to $45,095

Itinerary – From Helsinki, Finland to Murmansk, Russia to 90° North and Franz Joseph Land, then return to Helsinki (a guide, depending on weather conditions).

Special Guests – Paul Nicklen, Frances Ulmer (Chair of the Arctic Research Council), Alan Chambers (speaker and legendary polar adventurer), Christina Mittermeier (photographer, marine biologist, conservationist, biochemical engineer), Maureen Raymo (marine geologist and paleoclimatologist), David Serkoak (educator and Inuit Elder), James Raffan (author, geographer and polar historian).

Visit the AdventureSmith Explorations website to learn more about this cruise.

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