Volunteer to Sail and Serve with Sea Shepherd

Fulfill Your Planetary Duty and Cruise the Earth’s Most Amazing Waters

Sea Shepherd is calling all sea lovers and activists to sail with them and become a Shepherd of the Sea. Volunteers who journey with Sea Shepherd are stationed on one of three Sea Shepherd vessels: the Martin Sheen, Jules Verne, or Farley Mowat. And, they commit themselves (for a set period of time) to defending the ocean’s creatures and the ocean itself, so that all life can continue to benefit from the beautiful waters we have on our planet.

In order to volunteer with Sea Shepherd and be a crew member, individuals must promise to live as vegans while sailing (which means no eating the ocean’s fishy friends or any land animals), take on difficult obstacles with vigor, and be passionate about fighting the “injustices perpetrated upon whales, dolphins, seals, sea turtles, sea birds, fish, and every living thing in the world’s oceans.”

Sea Shepherd is calling dedicated people to step onto its ships, defend marine life and the world’s ecosystems, and work hard for no pay – but for an amazing experience that will make a difference on the planet and likely for those individuals.

Your Skills and Service are Needed

Sea Shepherd has clear requirements and guidelines for its on-ship volunteers, many of which will be “no big deal” to some not suitable to others. As a Sea Shepherd volunteer, you’ll be expected to work long hours, in dangerous conditions and extreme weather, but you’ll also get adventure and fulfillment as you perform excruciating tasks that are hard not to love when you think about the impact they’re making.

If you want to join this adventure of a lifetime, and work alongside some of the greatest people to ever defend our planet, visit the Sea Shepherd website. You’ll be able to download a volunteer application and read more about the specific campaigns that Sea Shepherd is working on right now.

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