Wedding Cruises

One of the most popular types of cruises available today is a wedding cruise. A wedding cruise is probably one of the most romantic ways to get married mainly due to the sheer beauty of the sea. Today, everyone from Generation Xers to Baby Boomers are deciding to take their weddings to the sea, and second-marriage couples are fast becoming the industry’s biggest customers.

Whether you’re 28 or 58, or you decide to get married by moonlight or recite your nuptials in the afternoon sun, a wedding cruise is an experience you’ll never forget.

Planning a wedding cruise takes much more than booking a cruise, of course. You have to consider the invitations, narrowing down the number of guests, deciding on a destination, selecting the appropriate types of entertainment, and of course, selecting the perfect cruise line (and ship), to showcase your special day. Luckily, cruise lines have wedding cruise consultants that can help you through the process. You can even hire your own wedding planner to handle any extras.

So, what are some of the top cruise lines for wedding cruises? How about the top destinations? Some of the most popular cruise lines in the (wedding/honeymoon) business include: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Princess, Norwegian, and Windstar. With an estimated 2,000 weddings per year, Carnival Cruise Lines offers a wide variety of three-day and seven-day (or more) wedding and honeymoon cruise packages. Destinations include Jamaica, Mexico, and the Bahamas, to name a few. Royal Caribbean features three-day, five-day, and seven-day wedding cruises to places such as Alaska, St. Thomas, and More.

While most weddings are onboard the ship, in a chapel, Disney Cruise Lines offers something a little different — weddings take place on Disney’s private Bahamas Island — Castaway Cay. With Norwegian, check out their Hawaii wedding and honeymoon package, and for Princess, try the 10-day Tahiti wedding cruise. Considered the most romantic cruise line, Windstar offers luxury wedding and honeymoon cruises to amazing places like Tuscany. Couples can marry on deck, shore-side, or on a private beach in the Caribbean.

The most popular cruising destination for couples is the Caribbean/Bahamas. Hawaii is the second most popular cruising destination for couples, Europe is the third, and Alaska is the fourth.

So what are the costs for wedding and honeymoon cruises? Some say that it’s no more or less than a regular wedding on land, while others say it depends. Wedding cruise costs do actually depend on a wide variety of factors including: season, destination, cruise line, number of guests, length of stay, etc. Wedding cruises could range anywhere from several hundred dollars per couple up to several thousand or more. Most couples report an average of $1,000-$6,000.

To book a wedding and honeymoon cruise, contact your favorite cruise line directly by phone or book online. When searching keep in mind that you will find a large number of discounts and package deals. It’s best to call the cruise line to confirm what’s included in the price before booking.

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