Whale Watching Cruises in Louisiana

There are no whale watching cruises in Louisiana. Normally, we would shy away from such emphatic language, and we suppose there could be some hidden whale watching cruise that operates somewhere along the Louisiana coast, but by all indications there are simply no whale watching cruises in Louisiana. There do not even appear to be whale watching opportunities in any form whatsoever. We will therefore be brief in this article, as there is very little information to convey about whale watching cruises in Louisiana apart from the fact that they don’t exist.

Why, then, are we writing an article at all? As we explain in our article about whale watching cruises in Texas, it can actually be quite helpful to know that certain things don’t exist. The majority of people who are reading this article will have arrived here by searching for whale watching cruises in Louisiana, and we can save them a lot of time by indicating that their search will be fruitless. It is good to know both what is possible and what is not. The property of non-existence is still a property. (Maybe. This claim might have strange metaphysical implications that we aren’t in a position to think through at the moment, so we won’t take a definitive stand on it at the moment.)

Because it is good to know when something does not exist, we have actually been writing articles as of late about the states that do not have whale watching cruises. However, in each of these articles, we could report on alternative activities. For instance, in states like Florida and Georgia, there aren’t whale watching cruises, but there are opportunities to whale watch from the shore because of the annual right whale migration. In these two states and others, there are also things like dolphin watching tours, but Louisiana doesn’t even seem to have any of these. The closest thing we could find to any sort of boat tour that is centered on wildlife are swamp tours, and while these are no doubt cool, it would be somewhat strange to categorize them as alternatives to whale watching cruises.

Why Louisiana doesn’t have any boat tours that focus on marine life is a bit of a mystery, but we suspect it has something to do with the structure of the coastline, which isn’t a stable landmass, but a complex maze of land and water – it is a giant wetland, in short. (Sadly, these marshes and swamps are disappearing under water.) Thus, there aren’t really coastal cities in Louisiana, at least not in the way that there are coastal cities in, say, California, and thus there aren’t places to launch boating tours of the ocean. (In case you think New Orleans is on the coast, it isn’t – the big body of water by the city is actually Lake Pontchartrain, which is connected to, but distinct from, the ocean.) However, even if there were lots of coastal cities from which to launch tours, it isn’t clear that there would be any whale watching cruises. Texas has plenty of coastal cities, for instance, but there aren’t whale watching cruises because whales are evidently hard to see in the Gulf of Mexico. There are certainly whales in this body of water, but they are elusive, and thus there aren’t enough sightings to support a whale watching cruise industry.

So, if you want to take a whale watching cruise in Louisiana, we are sorry to say that you are out of luck. There are many things to do in Louisiana, but whale watching isn’t one of them.

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