What is an Adults-Only Cruise?

A lot of cruises out there purposefully cater to families with children with activities that are fun for all ages (or at least fun for the kids so mom and dad can finally have some time off). For those of us without kids, or parents who simply want to get some time away and spend it on themselves, there are some adults-only cruise options out there. While the term might imply a racy time, there’s really a lot more to adults-only cruises, with an emphasis being placed on sophistication and relaxation.

True Adults Only Cruise Lines

There are only a few cruise lines out there that offer trips that allow only passengers 18 and up, but they are definitely worth checking out. Viking Ocean Cruises is a cruise line known for catering solely to adults, featuring activities like wine tasting and cooking classes (it doesn’t get much more adult than cooking, does it?). Their ships also have libraries, spas and fitness centers. U by Uniworld is another cruise line that is for grown-ups, but their approach is a bit livelier than Viking’s. Their two ships, the A and the B, both cruise through European rivers and offer yoga, dancing, bars and a nightclub, in addition to off-kilter options like tent camping on the ship itself. Both of these cruise lines offer classy activities on the shore, like biking, tours and other excursions designed to check out the local cultures. Finally, there’s also Saga Cruises, which only allows passengers over 50, and offers free drinks among other activities.

Adult-Oriented Cruises

Cruises like the ones discussed above are pretty rare, but there are still plenty of cruises out there that are sophisticated enough that children are a rare sight. A lot of riverboats, with a focus on cultural exploration, are largely populated by adults. Additionally, most smaller boats out there have a lot less amenities for kids and therefore have far fewer of them. It’s also recommended that people looking for a kid-free experience seek out more exotic itineraries, as these types of trips are far less kid-friendly.

In general, any ship that has a focus on culture and luxury rather than excitement and on-board activities will be taken up mostly by adults. If you’re someone looking for a relaxing time surrounded by more mature individuals, check out some alternatives to major cruise lines like Royal and keep an eye out for the experiences that will cater to your needs.

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