What is CocoCay?

One of the benefits of taking a cruise to the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is most cruises stop at CocoCay, a private island owned by Royal Caribbean.

CocoCay is a place that only Royal Caribbean’s passengers can visit. It’s a tropical island destination that offers everything you’d expect from a Bahamas paradise and much more.

If you’re thinking about taking a cruise to the Bahamas, but aren’t yet sure which cruise line you’d like to travel with, maybe learning about CocoCay and its exciting offerings will sway you to travel with Royal Caribbean.

Here’s what you need to know about CocoCay:

Where is it?

CocoCay is a secluded island that lies in the Bahamas island chain. It’s an eco-certified, private destination for Royal Caribbean cruise ship guests that offers activities, stunning scenery, and the chance for relaxation.

Imagine having a private island that only you, and your tour group, can access. What would it be like to visit the Bahamas, lie out on the beach, and play in the ocean without thousands of others crowding your space? It’s pretty nice, even if the beach is all that’s available to you.

CocoCay doesn’t have any restaurants, places for shopping, or typical tourist attractions that are in many other Bahamas ports. But, it gives you beautiful white sand beaches to sun on, gorgeous turquoise waters to swim in, and a few hours of bliss without having to worry about your safety in a foreign place.

An Eco-Friendly Destination

CocoCay was awarded a Gold-Level Eco-Certification by Sustainable Travel International. It earned this honor by offering environmentally friendly activities and tours that include playing in an aquatic park, parasailing, and enjoying guided nature walks.

Fun Things to Do

Among the many fun things to do on CocoCay, you can spend the day relaxing in a hammock, sampling local food at a planned island-style feast, kayaking, and kicking back with a fruity drink. If you want to take a ride on a wave runner, you can. Feel like snorkeling through beautiful coral reefs? You can experience that too.

Many people are drawn to CocoCay because it offers scenery, chances for luxuriating, and an island flavor in a well-contained area that doesn’t leave room for any surprises. If you like more adventure in your travels, you might want to opt for a cruise line that takes you to more unknown, or authentic, locales. As should always be the case, when you travel, choose destinations that feel best to you based on what you expect to get out of your trip.

Do you think you’d like CocoCay? Have you been to CocoCay? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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