What Makes a Luxury Cruise Luxurious?

For those who have never been on a luxury cruise, it may seem like a fancy way of selling something that’s no different than a normal cruise. Can there really be anything to it other than the bragging rights? Well, actually, yes, and we’re here to tell you exactly what all the hype is about! While not all luxury cruises are the same, there are a few defining aspects that help give off that ultra swanky and luxurious feel.

The rooms

One of the most important upgrades you’ll be receiving for booking a luxury cruise will be the rooms. On a normal, commercial cruise, you may be stuck in the center of the ship with no windows to look out on the ocean. The suites on luxury cruises are almost always on the outside and often feature balconies, letting you take in your surroundings in a breathtaking fashion. Additionally, the rooms themselves are typically made to fit the luxury feel, featuring extra items and furnishings that you may not get on a normal cruise.

The staff

On luxury cruises, the crew take their job extremely seriously. Excellent customer service is one of the areas luxury cruises take pride in, with the crew being trained to near-perfection. There’s no need to instruct them on what you need or to remind them of small details (they will even usually know your name!). Many cruises also boast large crew to passenger ratios, meaning that you will never be struggling to find someone to assist you with basic things.

The food

If there’s one area where luxury cruises stand out, it’s with the food. Exotic cuisine served up by Michelin-starred groups and chefs is the norm here. The restaurant staff will be as skilled as the rest of the ship’s crew, as well. Each ship is unique in this way, so check it out ahead of your trip and start salivating.

The works

One of the final ways that luxury cruise lines stand above their lower-cost competitors is by offering vacationers with a variety of extra amenities that come included in the trip’s cost. As always, it depends on the particular cruise, but many offer shore excursions and guided trips, drinks, classes, Wi-Fi and more for the low price of zero dollars. Some even include food and tips in their initial fee, leaving you free to feast to your heart’s (or stomach’s) content.

Luxury cruises aren’t for everyone. Some people just want to check out some amazing locales for a lower price tag, and there’s nothing wrong with that. For those with a hankering for the high class, however, cruise lines like Regent and Oceania are a dream come true.

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