What We Miss Most About Cruises

This may come as a surprise to you, but we really like cruises here. Yeah, we know, shocker. Quarantine has been hard for a number of reasons, but we’ve been really missing travelling via cruise ship lately. Travel is a huge stress relief, and there’s a combination of elements that make cruises a really satisfying way to get away from it all. As we wait for the world to go back to normal and for some of our favorite cruise lines to resume operations, we can’t help but daydream a little bit about some of our favorite aspects of cruises. Here’s a look at what we miss most…you know, for solidarity.

Seeing new places

This one is kind of a given, as it’s more or less the point of travel in the first place. But cruises really have a unique ability to take you places you normally would never see and expose you to experiences, sights and cultures that are totally different from your day-to-day life. We also miss how cruises are able to show you a variety of different things in a relatively short span of time. You can sail between locations quickly, get tours of cities or islands and have experts show you obscure places, animals and environments. It’s pretty amazing that that’s all possible because of being on a cruise ship. We also just miss sitting out on the deck of a ship and watching the world go by at the perfect pace. Is there anything more relaxing?

The food

Our food game during quarantine hasn’t been exactly top notch. Turns out we don’t know enough recipes to eat something new and exciting every single night for…months. And when we do try to experiment, it doesn’t always result in a Michelin-approved meal. C’est la vie. As we sit and eat canned soup for the second time this week, we can’t help but fantasize about the meals on cruises. You don’t even need to be on a super expensive luxury cruise to be eating well. The amount of variety is pretty unmatched, too. Whether it’s buffets, carefully designed plates or just a pitch-perfect burger, we miss it. Plus, food just tastes so much better after a day in the sun. Speaking of which….

The sun

We all know that sun can help beat depression and improve your mental health, and we’re definitely missing that dose of natural happiness and contentment that the sun provides. Being on a cruise and chilling on the deck, swimming in the ocean or just sunbathing on the beach is such an amazing feeling. We’ve still got walks in our neighborhood now, but you know, not really the same.

All of these aspects of cruising are amazing, but there’s so much more. The sense of community, meeting new people, learning new skills…there’s a lot to miss. But we’re not trying to be bummers here! (No, seriously). We’re just looking forward to getting back to our favorite way of traveling. Until then, pining will have to do.

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