Why Booking a 2022 Cruise is a Good Idea

With the current pandemic affecting everyone’s travel plans right now, booking a cruise is likely one of the last things on your mind. Cancellations continue to run rampant in the industry, and it’s not even clear when cruises will be regularly running out of major American and European ports. But there are actually still plenty of reasons why booking a cruise for 2022 is a good idea right now.

It’s a safer bet than 2021

As much as we would like to believe that the world will return to normal in 2021 (don’t worry, we’re still feeling optimistic about that), it’s not a guaranteed thing. 2022, however, is far more likely to be a safe time to travel and see the world. While you can certainly book a 2021 cruise right now, we have already seen many cruise lines back out of their early 2021 itineraries. It’s not unlikely that we’ll see this for cruises in the middle (and potentially the end) of 2021 as well. If you want to feel secure in your booking, choosing 2022 is certainly smart.

There are great deals right now

Travel companies are really trying to get people to book with them right now. With the low levels of travel right now across all industries, cruise lines aren’t doing as well as they would like, so many of them are offering some pretty great deals right now. For instance, P&O is offering a 5% discount for returning guests and low deposits (this goes until December 14th, 2020). They are also offering even more discounts specifically on 2022 cruises. You can check out their 2022 itineraries over here. Booking a cruise now is cheaper than ever, so why not?

Cruises make great gifts!

With the holiday season coming up, buying gifts for your loved ones is probably at the forefront of your mind. Getting the perfect present for someone can be tough normally, and it’s only made harder due to the pandemic. One of the best things we can give to the people we care about now is hope and optimism, and a 2022 cruise can do that really well. Having an amazing trip to look forward to can definitely help people get through the tough times ahead. Plus, who doesn’t want to receive a cruise for Christmas? They are always safe gifts.

There’s a laundry list of convincing reasons to book a 2022 cruise right now. Booking a 2022 cruise will also show cruise lines that you are still passionate about the industry. Consumer demand is important, folks! If you’re interested in booking for 2022, remember to keep an eye on your favorite cruise line’s website as the holiday season approaches. You might just be able to find some really impressive sales.

Why Booking a 2022 Cruise is a Good Idea
Article Name
Why Booking a 2022 Cruise is a Good Idea
There are actually still plenty of reasons why booking a cruise for 2022 is a good idea right now.

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