Why Booking a Cruise with a Group is a Good Idea

There are many travelers out there that just don’t like cruising in groups. It’s harder to figure out all of the logistics that go along with cruises when there are multiple people involved. You need to coordinate schedules, agree on a location, and prepare together. But there are a number of reasons why booking a cruise with a group can really improve your travel experience. Get ready to call your friends up!

The deals while booking

If you want to get the best deal possible on a cruise, you’re going to want to book a cruise with a group. It really is that simple. Cruise lines often offer amazing discounts for the second (or third… or fourth) person that books, and that money can really add up. For instance, Royal Caribbean just ran a deal on their website that gave up to 60% off to the second guest in a particular booking. Cabins are also always cheaper when shared by two guests, making that an obvious way to save some cash. Cruise lines like Princess also offers discounted rates for the third and fourth guest on all of their savings, and some of the deals can bring down the total price by more than 50%. They are currently offering an Alaskan itinerary starting at $799, but the third and fourth guests get their rooms for only $249.

Split the effort

There is a lot of effort that goes into booking a cruise. You need to book the dates, get tickets to fly to the port, find hotels… the list goes on. That’s a lot for one person to do. You may think that bringing in more travelers would only complicate the process, but that’s not true. It’s easy to split up the process and make it more digestible if there are more people available to work on it. Have one friend work on talking to a travel agent, another work on securing lodging, and another work on looking for airfare deals. Teamwork makes the dream work, guys!

Special group opportunities

Cruising with a group actually opens up opportunities for you that you wouldn’t normally have access to. If your group is large and established (such as a corporate team), you will certainly be given special treatment. Personalized dinners and unique shore excursions are given to big groups, and you will have these fun activities all to yourselves. You may need to find more than a few friends to gain access to these benefits, but it is definitely worth the extra coordination.

Cruising solo is relaxing, but there are lots of benefits to going with a group. Oh, and you get to share the amazing travel experience with close friends. Nothing’s better than that.

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