Why You Should Take a Cruise to Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of cruises. Hugely popular locations like the Caribbean islands and Hawaii generally take the spotlight. But there are actually plenty of reasons why Lisbon is an excellent cruise destination. If you’re looking for some inspiration for a future European vacation, look no further!

The culture

To put it simply, the culture in Lisbon just can’t be beat. It’s pretty much the most important place to visit Portugal if you’re going to travel there, and that’s because it has an excellent mix of historic and modern culture. There are lots of cool, old buildings to check out, but you can also visit new shops and restaurants that all still feel distinctly Portuguese. The art and architecture of the city display this mixture of times perfectly, as they both are strongly influenced by history. You can just feel it as you walk through the streets. It’s a colorful and vibrant place that is a perfect spot to visit.

The location

Lisbon is coastally located, and that means that there are some absolutely stunning beaches to visit. Lisbon beaches can get busy during the peak season, but there are also a few unique, smaller locations that you can escape to if you’re looking for some privacy. Lisbon is also located in an excellent central location for cruise travelers that are interested in visiting other Portuguese resort towns. Cascais is only about half an hour from the downtown of Lisbon, and it’s definitely worth a trip. Guincho Beach in Cascais is often thought of as one of the best beaches in all of Portugal.

The food

The beaches are fun and all, but what are you going to eat after you’ve spent a long day in the sun? Lisbon has a remarkable array of eateries to choose from, and they’re all great. The cuisine tends to be a bit simple, but there are layers of flavor hidden within the simplicity. One of the local favorites that you need to try is the bifana. It’s a great distillation of the city’s approach to food. Pork is cooked in wine alongside some spices and some garlic, and it’s then sliced thin and placed on a roll. That’s it! No trip to Lisbon is complete without sampling some of the fresh seafood, though. Shellfish in particular should be on your list.

If you need any more reasons to visit Lisbon, just look up a few photos. They should speak for themselves! The city is a beautiful location for a cruise, and you’ll love diving into the culture.

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