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Protect Your Vacation with Cruise Insurance

No one wants to think about bad things happening during a vacation, but the truth is that things can happen which could easily result in you missing out on your much needed vacation. So why not take a few minutes and learn about your options to protect your investment in your dream vacation. Then you can de-stress and not worry should there be a hiccup in your travel plans. What You Can Cover: Trip Delay or Missed Connection- Starting from the beginning, you can cover a trip delay or a missed Read more [...]
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Cruises Make Getting There Half the Fun

Air travel can be a very expensive and less than rewarding experience for many travelers. As a result, those who have the luxury of time when travelling are more often booking a cruise to travel to their destination rather than being cramped in an airplane after hours of waiting in an airport. And some of the other benefits of travelling by ship will surprise even the thriftiest of travelers. Comparing Costs With the ever increasing cost of airfare, travel via a cruise ship is becoming a more Read more [...]
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Did You Know You Can “Test Drive” a Cruise Ship?

Committing to spending seven to ten days on a vacation is kind of a big deal for most people. According to CBS news, the average American gets just over two weeks of paid time off each year but actually uses only about 25% of that time for vacations. So you can understand why there is such a premium placed on selecting the perfect spot to relax. But wouldn’t it be great to have a long weekend “test run” to make sure that you are selecting the perfect place to relax when it is time for your Read more [...]
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Pack for Your First Cruise Like a Pro

It can be daunting to pack for your first cruise. After all, it’s not like you can run out to Target if you’ve forgotten something! But there are ways to cut down on the chances you’ll overpack, as well as tips on how to worry less about re-packing everything for the return trip home: Do pack a pair of jeans/pants and closed-toe shoes. Sure, maybe you’re traveling someplace warm and sunny. Who needs khakis on the beach? But some shore excursions suggest or require that travelers wear Read more [...]
Cruise ship visitors can tour New York City by ferry.

Make the Most of Your Port of Call in New York City

It can be overwhelming to plan shore excursions in a dynamic port of call like New York City. There’s so much to see and do, and it feels impossible to get a handle on how much you can accomplish in the time you’ll be there. These four tour types can help you make the most of it and leave you returning to your cruise ship feeling like you’ve seen it all. Hop a Bus Buses are a great way to tour Manhattan. Organized tours typically include cultural, shopping, dining, and entertainment venues, Read more [...]
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What to Expect on a Live Aboard Cruise

Every cruise line and even every cruise ship offers guests its own slightly unique experience. But without a doubt, a live aboard dive cruise is quite a different experience for anyone who has never had the pleasure. Obviously, these cruises center around scuba diving and destinations which offer dive sites. But by no means is this experience about nothing more than crossing some amazing dive spots and aquatic life off of your bucket list. Most live aboard dive vessels are outfitted to host between Read more [...]