AdventureSmith Explorations’ Small Ship Cruises of Hawaii

Want to see Hawaii at a slow pace? One that allows you to intimately examine crashing waterfalls and sandy beaches, and that beckons you to linger on coffee farms and explore through lush rainforests? Consider seeing Hawaii from a small ship cruise with AdventureSmith Explorations. Read more [...]

Holland America Announces Partnership with BBC Earth

Holland America recently announced a new partnership with BBC Earth, which would give cruisers opportunities to sail to stunning locales while enjoying on-ship activities like watching BBC documentaries and listening to amazing concerts. Read more [...]

Trends in Cruising: Hot Destinations

Thinking about where to go for your next cruise? Wondering where you should head to see gorgeous landscapes and meet amazing people? You really could look at a map, point to almost anywhere, and make that region your next thrilling cruise adventure. The world is full of stunning locales with culture waiting to be discovered. Read more [...]

How Are Cruise Lines Keeping Passengers Connected with Wi-Fi?

In order to lure travelers into week-long (or even more extended) vacations, cruise lines are promising to keep them connected through on-ship Wi-Fi. In today’s world, people like being able to keep abreast of emails and browse online whenever they want. Many of them are used to it and they don’t want to give it up for even a day or two, let alone 14 days or longer. And, they’re insistent on being able to access their cell phones for emergency calls, whenever they w Read more [...]

Small-Ship River Cruises with Victoria Cruises

Since 1993, Victoria Cruises has been a leader in river cruising. The line, based out of New York, established new standards for cruising from day one, when it planned and then sailed (in 1994) a luxury river cruise along China's Yangtze River. When the ship edged out of its port, travelers and the travel industry new there was something special happening. Today, Victoria cruises operates a fleet of seven Five-Star Ultra-Luxury vessels (as determined by the China National Tourism Administration) and each of the ships are all newly built or structurally rebuilt. Read more [...]

Taking a Look at Some Stunning Ama Waterways Small Ships

Ama Waterways is an award-winning river cruise operator that provides all-encompassing cruises on luxurious small ships. These vessels take passengers into the heart of Europe, Africa, and Asia down waterways that are known for their unparalleled beauty. On an Ama Waterways cruise, you'll spend from days to weeks discovering the world's best places - all while living in luxury. High-end services and amenities on Ama Waterways ships equal the extravagant itineraries that are planned for travelers. Read more [...]