A Few Must Haves For Tropical Cruises

Going on a cruise to a tropical locale is certainly a very popular way to spend your vacation. And there are many great experiences and adventures that you will want to enjoy. But there are a few items that you need to be sure to pack in order to take full advantage of all the fun on your next tropical cruise.

The first item is something that most people are already aware of but might not bring in sufficient quantity. Sunscreen is a lifesaver when you are in any tropical area. If your skin is fair, you can get a sunburn in as few as 10 minutes of direct sun. Many travelers think that they will only need sunscreen for lounging by the pool, but sunscreen is recommended any time that you are outside. And don’t let the clouds fool you into thinking that you are safe. You can still get a sunburn from UV rays filtered through the clouds. Be sure to bring waterproof and sweatproof sunscreen, as the humidity will cause the lotion to run right off in just a few minutes. Most of the spray sunscreen will last longer than the lotion in humid weather. Also, wearing a hat will help to keep your scalp from getting burned which is very painful.

One of the best things about being on a boat in the open sea is that there are very, very few bugs. Rarely will you encounter mosquitos or other biting insects. But as soon as the boat gets near land, you will find that bugs are everywhere. Even if you remain on the boat while it is docked, you will want to use some type of bug repellant. The sprays and lotions have the same issues as the sunscreen, but there are wristbands that are treated with bug repellant which work very well as long as you keep them out of the water.

Also, the sun and salt air can be very hard on your lips. Having a good lip moisturizer or chapstick will make your tropical cruise much more pleasant. There are several brands that not only moisturize but also offer protection from the sun which is always a good idea.

And one final item is baby powder. This is an important item to take with you when you go into town and decide to visit the beach. After walking in the sand, it is nearly impossible to get all of the sand off your feet and get your shoes back on. You can rinse the sand off, but then your feet are wet and hard to get into shoes. And either wet or with sand, your feet will develop blisters from your shoes. Instead, wipe off as much sand as possible then sprinkle the baby power on your feet. Then gently wipe your feet again. The baby powder will absorb the moisture and let you wipe away any remaining sand.

Adding these few items to your packing list will help you to avoid sunburns, chapped lips, bug bites and blisters so that you can enjoy every moment of your cruise vacation.

Woman and man on the beach with a cruise ship in the background

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