Adult Only Cruises

No, no, no – an adult only cruise is nothing tawdry. Mind out of the gutter please! Adult only cruises are not what you think, but rather an option for adults looking to avoid crying babies, screaming kids and unsupervised tweens and teens. An adult only cruise is for mature adults who just want a little R&R. We’re talking couples, friends or even parents looking for a break from their own little ones.

You won’t find many cruises advertised as “adult only cruises,” generally speaking, but there are many, many cruises and cruise lines out there with an implied adult theme. Many of these implied “adult only cruises” tend to have little to no passengers under the age of say, 18 and in some cases 25, if even the 20-something partying crowd may not be for you. Others may spell out “no children under 16” or even 18.

Chances are, Disney Cruise Lines and Carnival Cruises are not what you may be looking for. Disney is extremely popular for families and kids. Carnival is also pretty popular for the younger set, but not necessarily for families with kids only. Carnival is pretty popular for young couples and groups of friends that prefer to “wild out” and party instead of relax. Both cruise lines are also tops for big bargains and discounts, which increases their popularity even more among the young party set on a budget.

So, where can you find cruises that tend to attract the truly adult set? Well, it’s safe to assume that the pricier the cruise the more mature and/or sophisticated the clientele will be. For the ultimate in “adult only cruises,” the cream of the crop has to be Crystal Cruises. This luxury cruise line is over-the-top extravagant featuring lavish amenities such as world class spas and cuisine, staterooms fit for a king, customized private adventures and some of the most exotic destinations the cruise industry has to offer.

You can rest assured, a cruise aboard Crystal Cruises Crystal Serenity or Crystal Symphony will leave you relaxed, refreshed and pampered beyond your wildest dreams. Crystal Cruises sails Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexican Riviera, New England, Canada, Northern Europe, Panama Canal, South America, South Pacific and Trans-Ocean Crossings (ex. LA to Hong Kong). For more information about Crystal Cruises or to book a cruise visit or call 1.888.722.0021.

If Crystal Cruises is beyond your financial reach, don’t worry, there are several other cruise lines that tend to attract mature adults such as Silverseas Cruises and a new kid on the block, easyCruise.

Silverseas Cruises are much like Crystal Cruises in the way of clientele and in many ways, atmosphere, but Silverseas highlights “elegant explorations” and “enrichment voyages,” something every mature adult can appreciate. Depending on destination, Silverseas Cruises may be slightly less expensive than Crystal Cruises and double the amount of ships in its fleet.

Silverseas’ fleet includes the Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper. Each luxury vessel is spacious, yet intimate, stylish, yet warm and grand, yet approachable. Silverseas travels the Mediterranean, Northern Europe & Baltic, Africa & Indian Ocean, Far East & South Pacific, Alaska & Pacific Coast, Caribbean & Mexico, South America & the Amazon and TransOceanic (ex. NYC to Southampton). For more information about Silverseas Cruises, visit or call 1.800.722.9955.

So, we’ve covered several luxury cruise lines and you’re still a bit hesitant about price and maybe even the probability of crossing paths with an unruly tot. Well, there’s a new kid on the block called easyCruise and it promises a no-frills, budget friendly cruise and no kids, ever. The typical easyCruise passenger is around 33, although activities target the 20-40 set. Occasionally, you may find guests aged 50 or older, but easyCruise does have an age limit policy – 18 and over only, period.

EasyCruise is all about keeping costs down for the passenger and line alike, while still providing a unique, comfortable and enjoyable cruise experience for all. For the cost of a budget hotel, as of 2007, passengers can cruise the Caribbean, the Greek Islands or Holland & Belgium for a fraction of the cost to book on a bigger cruise line. Prices for food and drinks are also minimal. Food and drink prices are equivalent to the cost of visiting your favorite fast food restaurant or local pub.

Cabins aboard the ships, appropriately named “easyCruiseOne” and “easyCruiseTwo” are a cozy 108 square feet or so with very limited amenities. Well, actually, there are no amenities. You won’t find TVs, phones, Internet connections or windows here, but the vast majority of easyCruise passengers say the rooms are amazingly comfortable, extremely clean and in most cases, quiet. Hit “Wired on 3” for Internet connections aboard easyCruiseOne and check out the new spa for lots of opportunities to relax and unwind. On easyCruiseTwo, you’ll find amenities like a gym and World Cafe, which offers Internet connections for a minimal charge.

EasyCruise adult cruises (yes, we can use “adult cruises” freely here), offers a handful of rooms with windows and others totaling around 258 square feet, but the larger rooms are typically quad units with bunks.

EasyCruise seems to be gaining in popularity among the budget-conscious adult set and the line is constantly upgrading its facilities and adding appealing options. According to easyCruise, to date, cruisers have come from 99 countries.

If you would like more information about easyCruise adult only cruises, visit or call the easyCruise customer service number in Britain, 011-44-1-895-651-191.

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