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It’s difficult to pick a most beautiful sight in the natural world. Perhaps, we shouldn’t even try. But, if we want to talk about one of the most spectacular things to see on the planet, the Canadian Archipelago is definitely one of them.

The islands and inlets that make up the Canadian Archipelago are filled with treasures for the eyes and gems for the spirit. On a cruise to the Canadian Archipelago, you’re put face-to-face and soul-to-soul with the rugged beauty and wildlife of this pristine region.

Archipelago Cruises is a cruise company that can take you to this special spot. This cruise line offers journeys through the Barkley Sound, from the comfort of a spacious motor yacht, so that passengers can enjoy an exciting small-ship experience through the scenic Broken Group Islands. Come see where whales, eagles, bears, sea lions, and other bird and mammal species are abundant and glorious.

Let’s take a look at the excitement that awaits you on an Archipelago Cruises cruise:

The Tours

Tours aboard Archipelago Cruises start in Ucluelet Inlet, which is an active fishing harbor steeped in history. You’ll have the opportunity to view plenty of wildlife before venturing to the Broken Group Islands section of Pacific Rim National Park. An excursion aboard an Archipelago Cruises ship will take you past unspoiled scenery and deserted beaches, as you wind your way through the protected waters of the Canadian Archipelago Islands.

The Ship

On your Archipelago Cruises expedition, you’ll have the comfort of a luxurious boat as your home base for viewing incredible things that most people only dream about. On your yacht, you’ll dine on gourmet meals at anchor, before and after setting out on discovery to experience wildlife and spectacular scenescapes. Your crew will treat you like family, from the moment you’re welcomed onboard until you step foot off the boat after having learned the rich history of the region.

The Hosts

Alan and Toddy Landry invite you to take part in the magic of the Canadian Archipelago with them, on their boat and their home, the “Raincoast Maiden.”  Alan, a seasoned mariner, has spent more than 30 years fishing commercially all over the West Coast. He’s someone who loves history and enjoys sharing his knowledge with his guests. Toddy married Alan in 1995, after leaving South Africa to travel the world. She has a post-graduate degree in marine biology and a long-term love of the sea.

Alan and Toddy are your experienced guides to the Canadian Archipelago on “Raincoast Maiden.” They’re excited to meet you and to share the wonder of this splendid, and special, place on earth with you.

Archipelago Cruises

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