Be Prepared – Create an ‘In Case of Emergency’ List Before Your Cruise

Be prepared is a scouting motto but it is also a wise choice for travelers of all ages. Before you set out for your cruise, create an ‘in case of emergency’ list and hope that you never need to use it. The time you invest to compile the list will be minimal but it is a free insurance policy that just makes sense to have with you whenever you travel.

It Can Happen To You

Imagine that you are having a wonderful time on your cruise until you drop your cell phone in the pool or inadvertently drop it in the amazingly blue ocean as you are taking a selfie during a shore excursion. Or even worse, think about how isolated and lost you would feel if you left your purse, fanny pack or backpack containing both your phone and your wallet at a tiny restaurant at a port of call? Even if you realize what has happened just 5 minutes after you left your seat, the bag is gone and so are your credit cards, identification and your phone. Maybe you are thinking to yourself that you would never make such a careless mistake, but it can and does happen on a regular basis.

Regaining Control of Your Life

Most people don’t want to admit that they have become very dependent on one or two tiny electronic devices. But it has happened to most of us and each person who relies on a cell phone, tablet or laptop for record keeping and the ability to communicate needs to have a backup plan. And that backup can be even more critical when you are in a foreign country or at sea. So how do you even begin to regain control of your life? Though you never, ever want to experience this traumatic event, if by chance you do, you will be eternally thankful for the emergency list that you have tucked inside your suitcase or in the safe back in your cabin. From the information you wisely tucked away, you can make the calls and send the emails needed to protect your credit and your identity.

 What to Include

For the purposes of protecting your credit, you will want to have a list of 800 numbers for all of your credit cards. You do not need the card numbers as the credit card companies can access your account information from your social security number and address. If you have been traveling using only digital copies of your itinerary and airline boarding passes, then you might also want to contact the airline to check departure information. Having the 800 number can make that much faster if you do not have secure Internet access. Also, in the event that you suffer an injury during your cruise, it can also be helpful to have some brief notes about any health issues or medications that you are taking. These can be important questions but ones that are difficult to clearly answer when you are upset or in pain from an injury.

Hopefully, you never need to refer to your emergency list, but if you ever do need to use it, you will be very thankful you have it.


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