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Value or luxury accommodations, ship size or destinations—what makes a cruise line stand out from the rest of the crowd? Some cite world-class cuisine as a draw while others favor an upscale scene, some look for the best offerings in Broadway shows and others prefer all things family. If you’re looking for the best in one category or all categories, look no further. We managed to round up the cream of the crop and you can decide which “best� is for you!

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Not only is Norwegian Cruise Lines popular for its spectacular seven-day tours of the Hawaiian Islands, but Norwegian’s $400-Million luxury ship Norwegian Star offers the largest collection of restaurants among the popular cruise lines. Not only is the collection of restaurants large, the ship itself is even larger. The Norwegian Star stretches well over three football fields in length and it has 25 decks and 372 staterooms including the exclusive Garden Villa Suites, which measure 5,800 square feet. The service on this ship is hefty as well—with 1,100 staff members, the ship has a crew to passenger ratio of 1:2 so you can rest assured that you will enjoy impeccable service throughout your voyage. The Norwegian star visits the islands of Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and Kuaui.

For more information about Norwegian Cruise Lines visit the Norwegian Cruise Lines website at or call 866-625-1166.

Disney Cruise Lines

As families with three, four and even five children in the home continue to grow, so does the demand for family-friendly vacations. Disney Cruise Lines has answered that demand making it the leader in family cruise experiences and most families would agree—one of the best cruise lines for fun for everyone.

Disney has age-specific children activities, programs, and facilities, ranging from nursery to teenage. Just like Disney World, the staff is amazingly friendly. But before you write it off as just a family cruise line, remember, Disney isn’t just for kids—parents and even grandparents won’t feel left out. Most facilities appeal to both adults and children and some are even for adults only. Disney Cruise Lines is one of the most affordable cruise lines around.

Ports of call include Key West, Cozumel, Nassau and Castaway Cay, to name a few and Mediterranean ports of call include Barcelona, Cadiz, Naples and Gibraltar—to name a few.

For more information about Disney Cruise Lines, click here to visit the Disney Cruise Lines website or call 800-951-3532.

Silversea Cruise Lines

The name says it all—Silversea offers the best in luxury, service and sophistication. “Silversea creates exceptional ocean journeys with unique opportunities to explore remote ports-of-call from an intimate haven of incomparable luxury, each voyage a unique masterpiece.� If money is no object, then a Silversea cruise is for you. Silverseas’ fleet consists of the Silver Cloud, Silver Wind, Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper, each designed to offer a level of luxury that surpasses most other cruise ships.

Silversea Cruise Lines features an endless number of voyages to exotic places and a few familiar places. Just a few Silversea voyages include: Lisbon to NYC, Copenhagen to Hamburg, Dubai to Mumbai, Hong Kong to Singapore, Athens to Venice and Rome to Istanbul, to name a few.

For more information about Silversea Cruise Lines visit or call 800-722-9955 Americas, +377-9770-2424, Monaco.

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