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Cruise lines are famous for offering some of the best vacation deals in the industry, but how do you locate the very best cruise prices a cruise line has to offer? There are several ways to find the best cruise prices, some methods may seem virtually effortless, while others may take a bit more “work� on your part. But whatever method you choose, there are plenty of deals to be had with little or no restrictions.

The Internet is, hands down, the best place to search for deals. Not only is it the fastest way to shop and compare prices, but many cruise lines offer discounts and deals that are only available if you book online. So if you’re hesitant about joining the computer culture, there’s no better reason to take the plunge than you will be rewarded with unbelievable deals on travel. This is also true for travel by air, train, or bus as well as hotels, and car rentals – just so you know.

If you’re ready to search online, and you’re open to most cruise lines, check out one of the many online cruise guides or online cruise auction sites. Some of the most popular cruise guide sites are and Some of the top online auction sites are and The great thing about online auction sites is that the prices typically cover the total per person cost. This means, port charges, taxes, and government fees are included. Additionally, these sites do not typically charge any type of agent fee as the travel agencies do.

Cruise guide sites are an excellent place to look mainly because they do a lot of the legwork for you. You can browse through featured best cruise prices or use their search function to find your own. And, believe it or not, they will list the very best prices, so you don’t have to wonder whether or not you are getting the best deal they can find.

Another great place to search is Vacations To Go ( This is an excellent source for last minute cruise deals. You can expect to save up to 75% on your cruise vacation by booking a little less far in advance. The site features a “90-Day Ticker” search function, which is a complete listing of last-minute cruises on the world’s best cruise lines. Average availability is less than seven days and many cruises sell out within hours of listing.

If you already have a specific cruise in mind or you prefer to book in advance, use the “Find A Bargain” search function and you’ll find everything from early bird discounts, two-for-ones and other reduced-price promotions, on just about every cruise line in the world.

Other websites that are good for searching the best deals include:

For those of you that prefer face-to-face or phone-to-phone customer service, or you’d rather read about cruise specials in a print publication, a cruise travel agent and/or the Sunday paper is your best bet. You can also check out a travel magazine such as the popular Cruise Travel Magazine. If you’re picking up the paper try the Sunday Travel Section of your local newspaper or pick up a copy of the LA Times, the Miami Herald, the New York Times, or all three, if you have time to spare.

Happy Bargain Hunting!

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