Cruise Deals Canada

Whether you’re taking a Canada/Alaska cruise or a Canada/New England cruise, there are many different ways to score Canada cruise deals. Believe it or not, Canada cruise travel is very popular. In fact, more than 1 million cruise passengers make their way through Vancouver British Columbia each year, alone! Canada cruise travel is popular for several reasons – Canada has hundreds of pristine lakes and architectural wonders to explore, it offers access to two vast oceans, and awe-inspiring Alaska is pretty much a permanent fixture on just about every Canada cruise itinerary.

Some of the most popular Canada cruise lines include: Carnival Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises , Princess Cruise Line , Royal Caribbean, and Holland America Cruise Line. By booking on popular Canada cruise lines, you may enjoy significant savings on Canada cruises. Another way to enjoy Canada cruise deals is to book your cruise in advance. Cruise lines prefer to book their cruises way in advance, so you may enjoy excellent cruise deals such as special incentives, credits, and cash back just for booking way ahead of the pack. If you want to save even more, try booking last minute. If a cruise isn’t booked several weeks or so before the departure date, prices are slashed So, if you book last minute, you may enjoy savings up to 75%.

Other ways to Canada cruise deals include: booking off-season, booking with a group or family, taking advantage of package deals, booking online, and booking with other popular cruise lines such as Crystal Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Seabourn Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas, Silversea Cruises, and Windstar Cruises.

If you want to book your Canada cruise off-season, you’ll find the most Canada cruise deals for, say, Canada/New England, between July-August. Besides discounts for groups and families, just about every cruise line has special rates for seniors. A senior is typically defined as a person who is 55 or older. To lock in special senior rates, you must call a cruise travel specialist or book directly with the cruise line. Keep in mind that proof of age is required.

For more Canada cruise deals visit any of the following popular discount booking search engines’ websites to check out the lowest prices on cruises, to shop and compare, and you can even book your cruise right online! Want to read about what others think about Canada cruises? Check out any of the popular cruise reviews websites listed below for the scoop on just about every Canada cruise on the market today.

Cruise Reviews offers more than just passenger reviews, this site has several search functions to help you find everything from bargains and discounts to theme cruises, and exotic itineraries. The site also includes features, news, planning tools, and a variety of cruise message boards where fellow cruisers can exchange stories and information. offers short passenger reviews and ratings. The two types of ratings include: star ratings and value ratings. Star ratings are based on one question – “how good is this ship?” One star is the worst, five stars is the best. takes everything from age and accommodations to food, service, and entertainment into account when rating the worlds cruise ships. Value ratings or “thumbs up” ratings are all about the “Bang for your Buck.” Five thumbs up means the ship is an excellent value while one thumb up means you won’t find much of anything that resembles a value here.

Passenger reviews, ratings, rankings, and popularity contests – at find out which cruise ships are at the top and which ones are not. Get other information on cruise lines, as well as information, ratings and rankings on embarkation ports, and ports-of-call. offers the lowdown on cruise lines from A to Z. Unbiased passenger reviews, cruise searches, quotes, and feature articles are just a few of the sites extras. You can also search for “the perfect cruise” and browse through news pieces about cruising. After checking out their ratings and reviews, you can also search for discounts and deals. With more than 50,000 visitors per month, has information on roughly 8,500 current sailings. relies on reader surveys to help keeps reviews & ratings in check. In addition to cruise ship reviews and ratings, visitors to the site will find top ten and top thirty lists, as well as feature articles about the best of the best in the world of cruises. The site has other information about discounts, as well as information on roughly 12,000 sailings. Cruise Direct Online has been featured in Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine, and on MSNBC, CNBC, MSN Money, and more.

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