How to choose a stateroom on a cruise ship

Cruise Lines Best Kept Cabin Secrets

Most travelers are aware that the space in the average cabin is fairly limited. After all, you are most likely going to sleep and shower in your cabin, but the majority of your time will be spent enjoying the copious luxuries of the rest of the ship. So don’t feel cheap because you booked a smaller, low-cost cabin. And know that these few insider tips will help you make the most of your affordable space.

Staying Organized
The walls of ship cabins are metal, and that means that magnets are your friends! Packing a few magnets with hooks can greatly increase your space when it’s time to dry a damp towel or even your bathing suit. In addition, hanging necklaces, a sarong, belts or other small items of clothing helps keep you organized and eliminates dangerous piles which take up valuable floor space. Magnets are also great for notes about excursions, classes and even meal reservations.

A Good Night’s Sleep
Many cruise lines are now offering upgraded foam mattress toppers, top sheets and even alternate pillows upon request. You can ask what is included in the cabin when you book and make your request at that time or at any time during the cruise. But as with most items on a ship, supply is limited, so if you think that you might have an issue, it is best to make your request as early as possible. To avoid any toe or foot injuries during a late night trip to the bathroom, turn on the TV to the bridge channel and mute the sound. The screen will provide enough light to navigate the tight quarters much like a nightlight.

Lack of Outlets
Most ships were not designed to accommodate the plethora of electronic gadgets that today’s travelers use on a daily basis. And the cabins with multiple outlets often locate them in areas that are not conducive to charging phones, tablets or laptops. A simple solution is to pack a power strip with a six-foot cord. And because there can be fluctuations in the power on a ship, it is not a bad idea to invest the few extra dollars to purchase a power strip with a built-in surge protector. Spending $15 to protect thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics is a good investment.

When you arrive in your cabin, spend a little time investigating the storage offered. Be sure to check for storage space under the bed, under the couch or even in the ottoman. Often times, your bellman can give you a quick rundown on the storage options when he drops off your luggage. Then you can unpack, get settled and know that you are going to be organized and happy in your new home away from home.

Cruise Lines Best Kept Cabin Secrets
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Cruise Lines Best Kept Cabin Secrets
Know a few insider tips will help you make the most of your affordable cabin space.

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