Cruise Ships for Sale

You’ve heard about boats for sail, canoes for sale, and even small yachts for sale, but have you ever heard of cruise ships for sale? If not, you’re not alone. But believe it or not, there are plenty of cruise ships for sale out there. And surprisingly, you will find a long list of cruise ships for sale ranging from cruise ships that can accommodate a few dozen passengers up to cruise ships that can hold hundreds — and possibly thousands of passengers. Prices for cruise ships can range from $1 million up to $65 million or more. Read on to find out about what’s available, what amenities each offers, and just how much these cruise ships can cost.

The list below represents just a few of the offerings that have been spotted on the Internet. Specifically, on Other websites that feature listings for cruise shops for sale include:,, and, to name a few.

258m Modern Cruise Ship
blt 1999 DNV class
2450 pax, 4 star,
try offers, prompt available

190′ Classic Cruiser
95 Pax 4 star, Price: €4.85 Million
Rebuilt in 2006
ex. Hurtigrouten ship

159m Classic Cruise Ship
700 Pax 4 star, Price: $ 10 million
Beautiful classic, Solas

140m Cruise Ship
620 Pax 4 star, Price: try $20 million
Cruising Med. refurbished 2001
fully SOLAS compliant

162m Cruise Liner
544 Pax 4 star
Modern interior

148′ Luxury Cruise Catamaran
46 Pax 5 star, Price: Euro 5 million
Excellent small cruiser

228m Classic Cruise Liner
1438 Pax 4 star
Grand Lady!
Ideal as a big hotel ship

195m Classic Cruise Liner
1300 Pax 4 star, Price: US$11 million
famous ship, constantly circumnavigating

140m Cruise Ship
585 Pax 4 star, US$ 14 million
Good Quality Vessel

163m Classic Cruise Ship
1000 Pax 4 star, Price: US$ 26 million
try less after inspection
Trading Med. delivery 10/08

54m Mini Cruise Ship
72 Pax 4 star, Price sold
Good condition
South Pacific

127m Cruise Ship
440Pax 3 star, Price: try $3.5 million
Vessel laid-up

155m Cruise Ship w/garage
1200 Pax 4 star, Price: $11.5 million
Blt.1975 upgraded recently
reported in good condition
big casino areas, trading

36m Luxury Cruise Catamaran
42 Pax 5 star, Price: EURO 3.6 million
Elegant interior, vessel new refurbished!

150m Cruise Ship
600 Pax 4 Star, Price: US$11 million
refurbished & upgraded
Sprinklers installed

River Cruise Ship
130 Pax
Fully refurbished
2 Restaurants, Cafe, Bar
Internet, Gym, etc.

Modern Cruise Ship
550 Pax

Large RoPax
1500 Night Passengers
585 cabins
Blt.1980 Converted 2002

180m Modern Cruise Ship
850 Passengers, 5 Star
Price: $115 million

157m Cruise Ship
717 Pax, 3 Star, Price: $12.2 million
Blt.1974, has been Casino ship
prompt available Gulf of Mexico

149m Classic Cruise Ship
680 Pax, 4 star, withdrawn at present
the classic at its best…

135m Ideal For Casino Conversion
750/950 Pax, 3 star, Price: try now $6 million
Blt. 1966, prompt available, for trading!
SS 2012!

188′ Mini Cruise Ship
60 Pax, 4 Star, Price: $2 million
Blt. 1960, fully refurbished

131m Cruise Ship
400 Pax, 5 Star, Price: $65 million
Blt. 1992 Finland, refurbished 2002
Casino, Karaoke, etc. luxurious!

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