Cruises to Europe on Lindblad Expeditions’ National Geographic Orion

Lindblad Expeditions’ cruises to Europe allow cruisers to fall in love with many gorgeous places on earth, for the first time or over and over again. Cruise with Lindblad to destinations like the Iberian Coast and the French Atlantic Coast, and enjoy luxury accommodations as you see the world in a way most people only dream about.

What’s it Like on a Lindblad Excursion to Europe?

When you sail with Lindblad Expeditions to Europe, you’re able to relax in comfy yet elegant cabins and public spaces on the 102-guest National Geographic Orion. This ship is the most intimate small-luxury vessel sailing to Europe. It features an onboard Concierge who is ready to make sure you have a memorable trip, whether that means attending to your dining, sleeping, or adventuring needs.

Your cruise will either be a one or two-week voyage to marvelous locales in Europe like Corsica and Menorca or the Baltics and Scandinavia. It will include activities in many interesting places, insightful opportunities to learn and engage with locals, curated shore excursions in unforgettable cities, and itineraries that are perfectly orchestrated to allow you to get the most thrills and enjoyment in the time that you have for cruising.

Ways to Enjoy a Lindblad Expedition to Europe

First and foremost, we suggest you bring your camera with you on your Lindblad Cruise to Europe, because there will be sights and special happenings that you may want to capture for eternity. Focus your lens on your casual, but upscale, surroundings as you cruise from one port to another. Shoot the opulent décor in the ship’s main restaurant, snap a photo of friends and family as they lounge by the pool, or catch the smiles of friendly locals as you disembark for city tours.

Opt for one of Lindblad Expeditions’ special cruise offerings and enjoy free air, activities, bar tabs, and tips while you sail. This makes the entire cruise experience easier and more pleasurable. Combine any two or more voyages into one long journey and get 10% off of your total cruise fare with Lindblad.

To learn more about sailing to Europe with Lindblad Expeditions, visit the Lindblad Expeditions website.

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