European River Cruise

Taking a European cruise can be one of the most amazing experiences you’ll ever have, but add a European river cruise to your European vacation and this will be the most amazing experience you’ll ever have. European River cruises are unique in many ways. They allow the passenger to get up close and personal with Europe in a way larger ships cannot. Smaller riverboats can navigate Europe’s numerous rivers and waterways allowing for more stops to more places deep inside Europe’s landscape. Simply put, bigger ships limit the passenger to the coastal regions – a small ship opens the door to dozens of opportunities to explore medieval villages, mingle with the natives, dine in cozy riverfront cafes, and shop in small local stores in tiny towns.

There are so many rivers and waterways throughout Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Romania – just about every region – that there are literally hundreds of riverboat tours (and cruise companies) to choose from. A few of the popular river tours include:

European River Cruises
Danube River Cruises
Douro River Cruises
Elbe River Cruises
Mosel River Cruises
Oder River Cruises
Po River Cruises
Rhine River Cruises
Rhone River Cruises
Saone River Cruises
Seine River Cruises

Russia River Cruises
Volga River Cruises

Ukraine River Cruises
Dnieper River Cruises

Exotic River Cruises
Amazon River Cruises
Mississippi Cruises
Nile River Cruises
Yangtze River Cruises

These (and other) cruises can be booked through a wide variety of river cruise companies, both large and small. Depending on where you’re cruising to, the following riverboat companies are considered the most popular companies, each offering a wide variety of European River cruises. Keep in mind that there are river cruises lasting for several hours up to several days, even weeks, or more. If you are arriving in Europe on a larger ship and you plan to spend a few days in each port, you’ll find a variety of river cruises to fit your timeframe. If you have more time, there are literally hundreds of extended European river cruises to suit your needs. For example, passengers can combine a group of rivers to cruise say, from Amsterdam to the Black Sea.

Viking River Cruises First-class European river cruises
Possibly the world’s most popular river cruise company, offering deals galore, and a menu featuring dozens of ports. In fact, at least one port a day is “visited on virtually every Viking river cruise itinerary. Viking River Cruises owns docks in many of the cities it visits.�

A&K (Abercrombie & Kent) Luxury European river cruises
100 countries on all seven continents.

Brendan First-class European river cruises
Sightseeing cruises, excellent value.

Brennan First-class European river cruises
Itineraries feature 2-night stays in each city.

CIE Tours First-class European river cruises
High-quality escorted and independent tours of the British Isles since 1932. Features Danube River itineraries.

Collette Deluxe European river cruises
Architectural, educational, and dining are highlights of Collette European river cruises.

Cosmos Budget European river cruises
Vacations to 60 countries on six continents for budget-conscious travelers. river cruises.

General Tours First-class European river cruises
One of the oldest tour companies based in America. Offers European river cruises at excellent prices.

Globus First-class European river cruises
Globus has a focus on European river cruises as well as other itineraries in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Mexico and South America.

Insight Deluxe European river cruises
Tours highlight attractions, shopping and entertainment.

INTRAV Deluxe European river cruises
Deluxe European river cruises, plus air/sea programs in more than 90 countries, on every continent of the world.

Peter Deilmann Cruises First-class European river cruises
Floating hotels, cozy cabins, spacious communal areas. “Sample culture, artwork, and cuisine in famous cities along Europe’s rivers.

Tauck Deluxe European river cruises
Features over 100 vacations via small ship, rail, jet, and helicopter.

Uniworld First-class European river cruises
European river cruises, and river cruises on the Yangtze River in China and Russian waterways.

To book a European River cruise, visit: Here, you can also check out each cruise lines’ offerings, descriptions of cruises and tours, and shop and compare prices. Feel free to contact your local cruise travel specialist as well.

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