Fathom Impact Travel’s Cruise to Cuba


Fathom Impact Travel’s 7-Night Cruise to Cuba

Fathom Impact Travel is taking cruisers on a 7-Night Cruise to Cuba that will visit three historic cities. The adventure is an unbeatable opportunity to experience Cuba at an exceptional value and to have an unforgettable trip to a place that’s been unreachable for travelers for decades.

When you cruise to Cuba with Fathom Impact Travel, you’ll be able to relax and renew while participating in an immersive cultural exchange program that includes bridge-building opportunities and chances to get to know fellow citizens of the world. Take this cruise and you’ll no longer wonder what the people of Cuba are like, and you won’t need to rely on photographs of the country to begin to understand it’s vibrancy and intricacies.

What’s Included?

Fathom Impact Travel’s Cruise to Cuba includes almost everything required for a complete and comprehensive vacation at sea. On this cruise, you get three and a half days of shore excursions, including stops in Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba, as well as activities aboard MV Adonia like swimming in a sparkling pool and lingering in tranquil public spaces. Fathom Impact Travel’s Cruise to Cuba includes onboard meals and snacks, comfortable cabins, and opportunities to be pampered with services that are equivalent to what you’d receive in a high-end modern hotel.

Cruising to Cuba with Fathom Impact Travel is designed to be easy and enjoyable. As you experience Cuba up-close-and-personal with this cruise line, you’ll be able to take dancing lessons, learn how to make authentic Cuban cocktails, and more. Swim, eat, drink, and mingle, and then get ready for off-ship cultural exchange opportunities that include chances to learn more about the everyday lives of the Cuban people.

To find out more about cruising to Cuba with Fathom Impact Travel, visit the Fathom Impact Travel website. You can book your cruise directly from the site as well.

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