Julee Cruise

Julee Cruise is a 51-year-old American actress and singer, most famous for being the lead vocalist on a song whose instrumental version became the theme song for the popular television series Twin Peaks (1990-1991). Julee Cruise appeared in the show’s pilot episode and she also made quite a few appearances as a singer in the local bar. Cruise also appeared in the film version of the series, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992).

While the instrumental version of the song “Falling” was used for the theme song, Cruise lent her vocals to several other songs on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, including “Into the Night” and “The Nightingale.” The instrumental version of Falling went on to win a Grammy award for Best Pop Instrumental and the Twin Peaks soundtrack went on to become the best-selling television soundtrack of all time.

Julee Cruise was born on December 1, 1956 in the small town of Creston, Iowa. She attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa where she studied French horn. Cruise’s career eventually led her to New York where she performed landed gigs as both an actress and a singer. Cruise’s TV appearances include: The Wind and the Willows (1983), The Red Shoes (1983), Puss in Boots (1982), Alice in Wonderland (1982) and The Marvelous Land of Oz. Julee Cruise also worked as a talent scout for the famous Italian-American composer — Angelo Badalamenti.

In 1985, Badalamenti composed the score for the David Lynch film Blue Velvet. He and Julee Cruise produced “Mysteries of Love,” which played in the film’s closing scenes. This led to Julee Cruise’s first album “Floating Into the Night.” Warner Bros released it on September 12, 1989 and the singer performed on Saturday Night Live in 1990. Cruise was a last-minute replacement for Sinead O’Connor who refused to perform on the same show as Andrew Dice Clay. O’Connor and cast member Nora Dunn boycotted the show in protest of Andre Dice Clay’s jokes about women.

Still riding high on the success of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, her numerous highly publicized performances, and the success of her first album, Julee Cruise released her second album, The Voice of Love, in 1993. Unfortunately, the album received mixed reviews. Fortunately, Cruise was still enjoying an enormous amount of success and she was even touring with the B-52’s (1992 and 1993). For nearly a decade, Julee Cruise worked on numerous projects, lending her smooth vocals to dozens of collaborators in the popular techno and dance music genres.

In 2002, Julee Cruise released her third album, The Art of Being a Girl, on the label Varese Sarabande. This was the first time that Ms. Cruise released an album that was not produced or written by Badalamenti and Lynch. After releasing her third album, Cruise’s song “The World Spins” was featured in an extended ballet sequence in the Robert Altman film The Company.

Today, Julee Cruise is still acting and singing. She completed the film End of the Line on April 25, 2008. Alexander Shaoul directed End of the Line. Cruise plays a character named Ruth Marcus. Cruise currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and editor-in-chief of Guideposts Magazine, Edward Grinnan.

To listen to Julee Cruise’s music visit her MySpace Page: http://www.myspace.com/juleecruise

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