Cruise Shore Excursions

One of the most exciting aspects of taking a cruise is the dozens of cruise shore excursions you will have to choose from. Depending on your destination, your cruise vacation may include cruise shore excursions such as shopping, historic tours, and adventure trips. In some cases, your cruise will highlight cruise shore excursions, which means you will spend much less time at sea and more time exploring exciting ports of call.

A cruise shore excursion can be defined as “a tour of the port of call or a specific attraction prearranged by the cruise line and guided by professionals (belonging to the crew) or locals.” The duration and type of cruise shore excursions offered will vary greatly depending on the type of cruise. For instance, a 14-day Mediterranean cruise may feature cruise shore excursions that last several hours to several days, while shorter cruises, such as a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise may feature cruise shore excursions that last an hour or two.

If you’d rather spend most of your time exploring on land, rather than at sea, opt for a cruise that highlights excursions. Most luxury cruise lines such as Cunard Line , Regent Seven Seas, Silversea Cruises, and the Yachts of Seabourn will offer the ultimate cruise shore excursions. Repositioning cruises and freighter cruises are a great bargain, but they may not be the best choice for excursion enthusiasts, as they tend to spend the majority of the time at sea. That said, just about every other type of cruise vacation will offer cruise shore excursions.

Cruise shore excursions are optional, and in most cases passengers will have the option of taking a guided cruise shore excursion or exploring on their own. Because cruise shore excursions can be pricey — ranging from $35 or less per person up to $150 or more per person (depending on type of excursion) — some passengers may opt to spend the day at port (onboard) or simply take a self-guided tour. While this is a great way to save money, a guided excursion is an experience that you just can’t put a price on. Simply put, cruise shore excursions are well worth the cost.

There are many different types of cruise shore excursions. Some may require a guide and others do not. The following list includes just a few examples of the types of cruise shore excursions available:

·Exploring local gardens, museums, and zoos
·Glacier tours
·Golfing, hiking, kayaking, or sailing
·Historical bike, bus, jeep or walking tours
·Horseback riding along beaches, or through wildlife
·Jungle tours
·Pub-crawls (popular among young couples and singles)
·Reef and wreck tours via glass-bottom boat or submarine
·Ruins tour via helicopter
·Snorkeling and scuba diving
·Whale watching

If you’re interested in booking a cruise shore excursion, it’s easy. Most cruise lines will allow you to select and book your shore excursions when you book your cruise. This is the absolute best way to book your excursion as you will bypass the stress and hassle of standing in line at the excursion desk. Additionally, cruise excursions tend to fill up rather quickly — long before you board the ship so the sooner you book your cruise shore excursions the better. If you book in advance you can also take your time and browse through the endless options — options that will actually be available if you choose to book in advance.

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