Luxury Cruise

A luxury cruise is like no other cruise in the world. You will find that the types of passengers on a luxury cruise are different than on a regular cruise, the destinations and ports of call are typically exotic or remote, the excursions lean towards the elaborate and expensive, and even the ships are different. You won’t feel like you’re just a face in the crowd. On a luxury cruise you will feel like the staff caters to you and only you.

While this highly desirable area of cruise travel is distinctly different from other areas of cruise travel, a few of the amenities on luxury lines are very similar to others. Most luxury cruises will accommodate smaller numbers of passengers, which makes it easier to offer personalized service, privacy, and a more intimate environment. However, there are several lines that cater to bigger crowds of luxury seekers, but they are far and few between. Crystal Cruises, for example, features larger ships for its luxury cruises, but they still manage to offer stellar service to satisfied (repeat) customers. Cunard Cruise Line is another example of the large ship/luxury cruise. They have larger crowds, but the luxury service and feel doesn’t suffer.

Some of the top luxury cruise lines in the cruise industry today include: Seabourn Cruises, Sea Dream Yacht Club, Silversea Cruises, Cunard Line, Crystal Cruises, and Radisson Seven Seas. The vast majority of luxury ships will accommodate anywhere from 200-300 passengers — 110 for Sea Dream Yacht Club.

Here’s what you can expect on a luxury cruise:

·Exotic Destinations and Unique Ports of Call such as Africa, Asia, New Zealand, Northern Europe, and South America with places like Athens, Copenhagen, Dubai, Lisbon, Tahiti, and Mumbai
·Elaborate Spa Services
·Butler Service
·World Class Cuisine Served in a Formal Setting
·Formal Nights
·Over the Top Excursions
·Designer and Name Brand Products in your Suite
·Sophisticated Entertainment
·Lots of Leisure Time — Meaning No Schedules
·Guest Lectures
·All-Inclusive or Included-Amenities such as Alcohol, Excursions, etc.

What you won’t find on a luxury cruise is crowds, large families with kids, planned or scheduled family reunion type activities, tacky entertainment, bustling casinos, noisy nightclubs and discos, common ports of call, and tasteless comedy acts.

If you would like to book a luxury cruise today, contact the cruise line directly or contact a cruise travel specialist. If you would love to book a luxury cruise, but you can’t afford one, there are several options available to you. Princess Cruises and Holland America Line both have luxury cruise offerings, but prices are far less than a regular luxury cruise. Contact Princess Cruises or Holland America directly for details.

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