Minnesota Vikings Sex Cruise

Who can forget the Minnesota Vikings party boat scandal that rocked the NFL (and the nation) back in 2005? What was said to be a simple cruise (by the players) turned out to be a sex party involving seventeen Minnesota Vikings football players. And these were not just a handful of football players – the seventeen athletes were key players.

The players involved in the scandal included none other than: quarterback Daunte Culpepper, cornerback Fred Smoot, running back Mewelde Moore, nose tackle Pat Williams, offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie, wide receiver Nate Burleson, cornerback Ralph Brown, wide receiver Troy Williamson, wide receiver Travis Taylor, defensive tackle Kevin Williams, tight end Jermaine Wiggins, defensive end Lance Johnstone, running back Moe Williams, cornerback Ken Irvin, and defensive back Willie Offord. There were around 20 current (at the time) or former Vikings players on the boat, in the tally of 90 people between both boats.

Also referred to as the “Love Boat Scandal” or the “Smoot Boat Scandal,” the incident took place aboard two chartered boats through Al and Alma’s Boat Charter on October 6, 2005 on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. According to reports, several disturbing events took place in the span 40 minutes before the captains, concerned for the safety of their crews, decided to turn back.

Reports claimed that prostitutes were flown in from Atlanta and Florida to perform sex acts during the Minnesota Vikings boat party. Sex acts were performed in front of passengers, guests, crew members, and other players that were not involved in any sex acts. An anonymous former player of the Minnesota Vikings added that the 2005 incident was not the first time that something like this happened during a Minnesota Vikings party.

Other proof of the incident was photographs taken at the party that showed people engaging in sexual intercourse. At the time Stephen Doyle was a representative of Al and Alma’s Boat Charter Company and he stated that, “There were lots of people involved in sexual activity,” he said. The activity took place over both boats. it was not something that was attempted to be hidden from anybody, including this young crew.” Doyle also stated that the men on the boat, believed to be Minnesota Vikings, were described as being very large. He stated that some berated crew members when they ran out of the brand of Vodka they liked, and others became belligerent when the crew denied their requests to turn off the boats’ lights. And Doyle also stated that some of the men began asking the female crew to join in the party.

In 2006 some of the players pled guilty and either paid fines, or did community service. While others pled not guilty and later (around April 2006), charges were dropped. Since the Minnesota Vikings sex cruise, the Vikings created a 77 page Code of Conduct, the hired a private security firm, and they placed a former FBI agent and NFL investigator on the payroll as head of security in order to keep the players “out of trouble.”

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