National Geographic Cruises

National Geographic Cruises


These exciting cruises transport passengers to ice-scattered bays in Antarctica, awe-inspiring Galapagos islands, and other fantastic destinations, in partnership with Lindblad Expeditions.

National Geographic Cruises visit some of the most pristine places on the planet. The ships include a team of experts including photographers, historians, marine biologists, and naturalists who are excited to share their passions with you. They’ll escort you to all of the places you encounter, most of which can’t be reached by road. You’ll trek through the wilderness and travel to lands far from most human life. You’ll follow pods of orcas, participate in local festivals, and take part in other thrilling activities as your ship brings you from one amazing place to another.

The following are some of the corners of the world you can explore on a National Geographic Cruise:


On a National Geographic Cruise through Asia, you’ll encounter the treasures of Vietnam and Cambodia, stopping in Angkor before jetting off on a river voyage to Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. The elegant Jahan is your home ship for this excursion. It will transport you past traditional villages so you can gain insight into the daily lives of the area’s craftspeople, farmers, and monks.

Cook Islands to Tahiti

The National Geographic Cook Islands to Tahiti Cruise takes place just before the holiday season, and before it gets too cold in the north. On this cruise, you’ll enjoy an idyllic South Pacific getaway aboard the National Geographic Orion. Get ready to stroll on white powder beaches underneath towering palms. You can snorkel and swim with clouds of colorful fish. Experience traditional Polynesian hospitality, kayak in gorgeous inlets, and dip your toes in gem-colored lagoons.

Costa Rica and the Panama Canal

On National Geographic Cruises to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal, you’re able to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Pacific Coast. Voyage on the National Geographic Sea Lion into the rain forests of Corcovado and Manuel Antonio National Parks. Walk through lush regions where monkeys, sloths, frogs, and rare birds live and play. Trek to remote beaches before getting back aboard your ship for a legendary crossing of the Panama Canal.


Europe is an enchanting land and National Geographic Cruises take advantage of this fact. The special National Geographic Europe cruises include a circumnavigation of Iceland, where visitors view volcanic landscapes and walk on lava fields. There are vast ice sheets to explore, gushing hot springs to get sprayed by, and cascading waterfalls beckoning you to come closer. On these fantastic Iceland cruises, you can go birding, kayaking, hiking, and even swimming in the famous Blue Lagoon.

These are just a small handful of the adventures you can take with National Geographic Cruises. There are more than a dozen cruises enjoy, so which one will it be for you?

National Geographic Cruises
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National Geographic Cruises
National Geographic Cruises offer exceptional experiences at sea where passengers learn, take in beautiful scenescapes, and enjoy the company of like-minded adventurers.

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