Sail Cruises? Yes! Sail Away with these Sail-Propelled Cruise Ships

When most people think of cruise ships, we don’t blame them for thinking of giant, hundred-thousand pound steel beasts that are powered by massive engines. (Jeez, that sounded kinda scary didn’t it? Our bad.) A large part of the cruise industry is all about that, and getting bigger and bigger every year is the thesis for some lines. Of course, there’s plenty out there for those looking for a more, shall we say, classic experience? Lots of different cruise lines offer ships with sails, and many of them are sights to see. Let’s check out some of the coolest ones out there!


Not every Windstar yacht is equipped with sails, but those that do have them are sights to behold. Wind Star, Wind Spirit and Wind Surf are all modern cruise ships that feature sails that are completely computer controlled. Wind Surf is perhaps the most impressive, as it’s the lines biggest ship and one of the largest cruise ships with sails in the world. It’s known for a relaxed atmosphere, nice furnishings and a ton of dining options. If you’re looking for a cruise experience that mixes tradition with modernity, Wind Surf (and the other two Windstar sail-powered ships, for the matter) is the way to go.

Variety Cruises

Variety isn’t a name that jumps to mind as readily as some bigger cruise lines, and that’s probably by design. Like Windstar, they aren’t exclusively a sailing cruise line, but their ships with sails are really, really cool. Panorama, Panorama II and Galileo are all pretty similar: they fit 49 passengers, 16-18 crew and have 24 ocean view cabins (well, Panorama II has 25, so I guess it wins the race in that regard). Galileo is our pick for the coolest, mainly by virtue of the sleek, dark paint job across the body of the ship, as well as having a sail layout that almost makes it look like a pirate ship rather than a sailboat. These ships are small enough to really give off that “sailing” vibe if that’s what you’re looking for.

Sea Cloud Cruises

Sea Cloud has three yachts, all of which offer really unique sailing experiences. Their voyages are private and subtle, and their crew is known for being knowledgeable and kind. The coolest part about their ships, though, is just how tall they are. The view from the deck looking up the sails is particularly impressive, and really gets you in the right mood for this kind of sea experience.

Sail cruises aren’t for everyone, but they can be incredibly cool for those looking to get in touch with what is basically an ancient practice. The pictures of the sail-powered ships from each of these cruise lines really speak for themselves, so check them out and see if they’re what you need in your life!

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