Singles Cruises: Which Cruise Ships Offer Singles Cruises?

Singles cruises are distinct from regular cruises in a few different respects, but they are alike in at least one major way: both types of cruises are offered by the same cruise lines, which means that singles cruises take place on the same cruise ships as regular cruises. There are not, in other words, special cruise ships that are only for singles cruises. The same cruise ships are used for theme cruises (like singles cruises) and regular cruises alike. However, there are a lot fewer singles cruises than regular cruises, so there is smaller pool of possible vessels to choose from when booking a singles cruise. Thanks to resources out there that provide information about singles cruises, it is easy to compile a list of the cruise ships that are used for singles cruises. We have compiled such a list, as well as added some general notes about it.

What is the point of compiling such a list? Basically, to make clear what peoples’ options are when it comes to singles cruises. A lot of people want to take a cruise on specific cruise ship – not all cruise ships are created equal – so the cruise ships that host singles cruises may well determine who takes a singles cruise. If Person A wants to go on a singles cruise, yet he doesn’t find any of the cruise ships that offer singles cruises desirable, then he very well may decided against taking a singles cruise. There really aren’t that many singles cruises in any given year (there are around two dozen or so), so to take a singles cruise you might have to compromise on some of the details – like where you go, what port you leave from, which cruise ship you take, etc. – and some people may simply be unwilling to compromise on the cruise ship matter.

At the time of this writing, and pulling from as many sources as we could find, the following are the cruise ships that offer singles cruises. All of these cruise ships will offer at least one singles cruise in the next year and a half.

MSC Cruises:

MSC Splendida

Celebrity Cruises:

Celebrity Summit
Celebrity Reflection

Norwegian Cruise Line:

Norwegian Epic
Norwegian Star
Norwegian Breakaway
Pride of America

Royal Caribbean International:

Splendour Of The Seas
Mariner of the Seas
Explorer of the Seas

Princess Cruises:

Golden Princess
Grand Princess
Sapphire Princess
Ruby Princess
Caribbean Princess
Ruby Princess
Star Princess


Carnival Valor
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Destiny
Carnival Miracle
Carnival Breeze
Carnival Liberty
Carnival Dream
Carnival Freedom

One interesting thing about this list of ships is that not many of them are even used for more than one singles cruise in the next year and a half. Carnival Valor and Carnival Breeze are used for a few different singles cruises, and perhaps three or four of the other cruise ships are used twice, but that’s all. So, not only are there not special cruise ships for singles cruises, as we said at the beginning, but there also are hardly any cruise ships that even tend to be used for singles cruises.

This should come as good news to those who want to take a singles cruise, but can’t find the right cruise ship for it. A cruise ship on which you’d like to take a singles cruise may go into the rotation sooner rather than later. And this presumably applies to only a small group of people, as the average person who wants to take a singles cruise shouldn’t have any difficulty finding one offered on a cruise ship that suits their inclinations.

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