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Singles Cruises: Are They Appropriate for Someone with an Open Relationship or Polyamorous Relationship Status?

Over the past few days, we've been closely examining who takes singles cruises. More precisely, we've been considering who should take a singles cruise. We've singled out some important attributes of singles-cruise passengers - for instance, they should be outgoing and open to new encounters - but the most important conclusion we reached is this: you should be single if you take singles cruise. If you aren't single when you take a singles cruise, you compromise the greatest thing about singles cruises, and you also betray the trust of your partner. But in thinking about this requirement - that your relationship status should be "single" to take a singles cruise - it occurred to us that perhaps this isn't entirely true. What if you are in an open relationship? Should those who are in open relationships go on singles cruises? This question is more difficult to answer than you might think. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: Who Should Not Go on a Singles Cruise?

The last article we wrote about singles cruises asked the question “who should go on a singles cruise?” In answering this question, another question became immediately obvious: who should not go on a singles cruise? The answer to this second question is in many ways embedded in the answer to the first question – if a person with attribute X should take a singles cruise, for example, then a person who lacks attribute X should not take a singles cruise. However, sometimes it is helpful to explicitly state what was merely implied, and a little overlap never killed anyone. So, who should not go on a singles cruise? Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: Who Should Go on a Singles Cruise?

We’ve written extensively about singles cruises. We’ve explained what singles cruises are, we’ve listed examples of singles cruises, and we’ve given instructions for how to take a singles cruises. When we come across a cruise topic that’s in need of explaining, we explain it with extreme (and perhaps even overzealous) thoroughness. We have not as of yet explored any of the normative questions surrounding singles cruises, however. In other words, we have described singles cruises, but we have not entered the world of oughts and shoulds. We now seek to remedy this deficiency, such as it is, by writing about who should take a singles cruise. Are there certain types of people who are particularly well-suited for singles cruises? If so, are they well-suited because of their circumstances (the facts of their life) or their disposition (the facts of their character)? The answer, as is so often the case, is both. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: The Greatest Thing About Singles Cruises

The dating scene can be many things. It can be exciting, discouraging, enjoyable, and depressing, and somehow it can be all these things at once. It can also be profoundly awkward, not least when a single spends the better part of a night relentlessly pursuing someone who is already in a relationship. That the world of dating as it exists on solid ground makes this situation even possible reveals the principle appeal of singles cruises: the relationship status of everyone on board the ship is automatically known. As far as we’re concerned, this is the greatest thing about singles cruises. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: Which Cruise Ships Offer Singles Cruises?

Singles cruises are distinct from regular cruises in a few different respects, but they are alike in at least one major way: both types of cruises are offered by the same cruise lines, which means that singles cruises take place on the same cruise ships as regular cruises. There are not, in other words, special cruise ships that are only for singles cruises. The same cruise ships are used for theme cruises (like singles cruises) and regular cruises alike. However, there are a lot fewer singles cruises than regular cruises, so there is smaller pool of possible vessels to choose from when booking a singles cruise. Thanks to resources out there that provide information about singles cruises, it is easy to compile a list of the cruise ships that are used for singles cruises. We have compiled such a list, as well as added some general notes about it. Read more [...]

Singles Cruises: Which Singles Cruise is Best for You?

If you're thinking about going on a singles cruise, there are plenty to choose from. Singles cruises go to all the major cruise destinations - places like Alaska and the Caribbean - and they depart from many different locales around the world, ranging from Miami to Seattle to Barcelona. Singles cruises also last for varying lengths of time and take place throughout the year. There are even singles cruises that focus on specific holidays, like Halloween, or interests, like football. With all these choices, how do you decide which singles cruise is right for you? Read more [...]
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