Start Preparing Now for Holistic Holiday at Sea 2017

You have almost a year to plan for the 2017 Holistic Holiday at Sea, but don’t wait until then to buy your tickets. This cruise is popular and it may sell out way before the sail date. It’s an adventure in body, mind, and soul that you won’t want to miss if you love eating healthy vegan food, visiting spiritual places, and gathering in the company of like-minded people to meditate, do yoga, and have a good time.

The Itinerary

Holistic Holiday at Sea sets sail on March 11th and it returns on March 18th, in 2017. The 7-night adventure departs from Miami, Florida and journeys to Ochos Rios, Jamaica; Georgetown, Cayman Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; and Nassau, Bahamas, before returning to the beautiful beaches of Miami.

The Food

Your Holistic Holiday at Sea is all about treating your whole self to the best care, while sailing to destinations that make it easy to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. The highlight of the adventure, however, is the gourmet vegan cuisine that you’ll be dining on throughout the cruise. Vegans and anyone who loves nourishing, delicious food will have a heaven-sent array of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All food offered on Holistic Holiday at Sea is animal free, and much of it’s organic, and it’s made specifically to give travelers a better alternative to traditional food available on cruise ships. Guests dine on macrobiotic meals, vegan desserts, and more – all made by expert vegan chefs and overseen by executive chef Mark Hannah.

The Activities

Aside from eating, which you’ll probably want to do a lot of, you can take vegan and macrobiotic cooking classes, Pilates courses, integrative medicine lectures, and other health-focused workshops on Holistic Holiday at Sea. Activities are tailored for a vegan audience, but they all have broad appeal, so even if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle you’ll quickly be able to find the benefit to living this type of wholesome and healthy life. Dr. Neal Barnard, a top vegan lobbyist and health researcher, will present a series of talks about why a vegan diet is best and he’ll fill you in on the unfortunate government practice of funding unhealthy food for the public.

To learn more about this opportunity of a lifetime, visit the Holistic Holiday at Sea website.

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