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Did You Know You Can “Test Drive” a Cruise Ship?

Committing to spending seven to ten days on a vacation is kind of a big deal for most people. According to CBS news, the average American gets just over two weeks of paid time off each year but actually uses only about 25% of that time for vacations. So you can understand why there is such a premium placed on selecting the perfect spot to relax. But wouldn’t it be great to have a long weekend “test run” to make sure that you are selecting the perfect place to relax when it is time for your Read more [...]

The Best New Cruise Ship

Every year, new cruise ships take their inaugural voyage, and there is always a lot of discussion about these new ships as passengers experience them for the first time. This got us thinking: what is the best new cruise ship? As is always the case when you try to determine the best of anything, judgements will differ. The best cruise ship to one passenger will not necessarily be the best cruise ship to another passenger. Even so, we can't resist a good "best of" article, and although people will inevitably disagree with our selection (which is itself based on what other people regard as the best cruise ship - more on this in a second), we're still confident that whatever ship we pick will be a topnotch cruise ship. Read more [...]
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