Did You Know You Can “Test Drive” a Cruise Ship?

Committing to spending seven to ten days on a vacation is kind of a big deal for most people. According to CBS news, the average American gets just over two weeks of paid time off each year but actually uses only about 25% of that time for vacations. So you can understand why there is such a premium placed on selecting the perfect spot to relax. But wouldn’t it be great to have a long weekend “test run” to make sure that you are selecting the perfect place to relax when it is time for your long awaited dream vacation? The cruise industry is in full agreement and they are offering you the opportunity to “test drive” a cruise vacation for as short as a two night stay.

Sample All That Cruises Have to Offer

The number of major cruise lines who are offering two night options is growing. Currently four of the “big names” offer these mini trips in the Caribbean, with pricing starting at as little as $100 per night per person. As you might expect, the lowest prices are going to land you in the inside cabins with no view and very few square feet to call your own, but all of the ships amenities are still at your disposal just as if you had paid for a palatial upper deck cabin with a stunning view. And with these short trips, you also have the opportunity to experience just how much better those more expensive accommodations might be. If you discover on a short cruise that the $400 a night cabin is ten times better than the $100 a night cabin, then you might just choose to increase your budget to make your ten day cruise the trip of a lifetime and not just ten days away from work.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Another great benefit to trying out a few short cruises is to learn which cruise line best meets your style and your needs. This can be important when you are planning a long trip for yourself but it is critical if you are planning a long trip for a group such as a family reunion or a trip with a large group of friends. Spending a couple of nights on several different cruise ships will let you sample the dinning, the activities and see which cruise line is best suited to meet the needs of your group. Are the dining accommodations too formal or too relaxed? Do the scheduled activities meet the needs of all age groups? The perfect ship for 20 of your closest friends might not be the ship that can also meet the needs of your aging parents as well as your siblings and your three year old twin nieces. But you are sure to be the hero, if you do some research and select the prefect cruise line for your entire group.

Learn More about Shore Excursions

Having a good understanding of your options for shore excursions is the best way to turn a nice trip into a once in a lifetime experience. A cruise is nice but how often can you swim with dolphins or zip line through a jungle? Spending a few weekends discovering what the different cruises offer at the various ports of call will let you choose the most exciting adventures when you travel with your family or friends. Of course the cruise lines all tell you their experiences are the best but personally sampling a few will give you true insider information. And that knowledge will help you to make sure that everyone in your group has a fantastic vacation.

Cruises are a great way to enjoy your vacation and spend time with family and friends. So why not invest a few days in checking out your options and planning a trip that will be the backdrop for lifelong memories? Two night cruises are the perfect way to gain some knowledge and surprise everyone with a great ship and great activities.

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