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Bud Light Hotel and Cruise

The 2013 Bud Light Cruise is Actually the Bud Light Hotel 2014

The Bud Light Cruise - particularly the Bud Light Cruise of 2014 - is one of the single greatest things we've learned about recently. (The Bud Light Cruise of 2013 was also great, but the cruise of 2014 sounds particularly excellent.) Most obviously, it is a cruise that involves lots of Bud Light, but this year, there as an additional component: it will be docked in New York City for this year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium (making the Bud Light Cruise more like the Bud Light Hotel). For a certain type of person - essentially, an American male - the Bud Light Cruise sounds like a cruise experience to end all cruise experiences. Below we outline the Bud Light Cruise, both in general and with special reference to the Bud Light 2014 Cruise. Read more [...]
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