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Circle Line Cruises

Circle Line cruises are not really cruises in the sense that we normally use the term. The cruises operated by Circle Line (which actually can be one of two companies) are basically sightseeing tours of New York City on a boat, not multiple-day journeys to far-off lands. The latter type of cruises - which are in fact just regular cruises to most people - are offered by cruise lines, and both the Circle Line companies are smaller, more regional enterprises than cruise lines. (We suppose it's best that neither Circle Line is a proper cruise line, as then it might be called the Circle Line Cruise Line, which strikes as obnoxiously rhythmic.) As we said, Circle Line can actually refer to two different companies - Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises at 42nd Street and Circle Line Downtown - so in addition to explaining what Circle Line cruises are, we'll also explain why two companies with the same basic name offer more or less identical services. Read more [...]
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