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The Port City of Philadelphia: Things to See and Do Before Leaving on a Cruise

You probably don't think of Philadelphia as a port city for cruises, and the reason you don't think of Philadelphia as a port city for cruises is that it isn't, at least not at the moment. Why, then, are we writing about the things to see and do before leaving on a cruise from Philadelphia? For one, there recently were and therefore probably will be cruises from Philadelphia in the near future, and when that day comes, you'll be glad you know what to do if you find yourself in Philadelphia for a cruise. Two, there actually are cruises from Philadelphia - they are just short trips that don't stray too far from the city, as opposed to, say, week-long trips to the Caribbean. So, while there currently aren't major cruises from Philadelphia, you still may find yourself in the city for a cruise, and below we tell you the things you can see and do as you wait to depart. Read more [...]